'Death to Arabs' Graffiti Sprayed on Cars in West Bank Village

12:00 Feb 13 2018 Jit

'Death to Arabs' Graffiti Sprayed on Cars in West Bank Village
The vandalized car in the West Bank village of Jit on February 13, 2018. Credit: זכריה סדה / רבנים Published by Haaretz

The graffiti is thought to be in celebration of Yitzchak Gabbay's release from prison after three years in jail for arson of a Hebrew-Arabic billingual school

by Yotam Berger for Haaretz | Feb 13, 2018 11:36 AM

Five vehicles in the Palestinian town of Jit in the northern West Bank were vandalized late Monday night. Residents said the cars were spray painted with racist graffiti.

The West Bank district police and Israel Defense Forces soldiers came to Jit on Tuesday morning to investigate the incident. So far, no witnesses to the vandalism have come forward.

They wrote: “Death to Arabs” and "Transfer Now,” said Zacharia Sadeh, a resident of the town who works for the Rabbis for Human Rights organization. “It was at the entrance [to the town], 200 meters from the entrance and also on the other side [of Jit]... Now we are waiting for the [police’s forensic crime investigators],” said Sadeh.

One of the graffiti mentioned Yitzhak Gabbay, likely referring to the youth who was sentenced to three years in prison for the arson of a Hebrew-Arabic bilingual school in Jerusalem in late 2015. He was released from prison on Friday and it seems the graffiti is in celebration of his release.

On Friday, Israelis were filmed throwing stones at the houses of the Palestinian town of Burin near Nablus in the West Bank. No injuries reported.

On Saturday, six settlers were caught on film Saturday throwing stones at left-wing activists in the southern West Bank. Two activists were hurt and were treated on the scene.
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