IOF troops arrest a number of Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem

01:30 Nov 25 2011 Lubban, Beit Fourik, Beit Hanina, and Silwan

NABLUS, (PIC)– IOF troops raided the village of Beit Fourik to the east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus and arrested a young man. The family of the young man does not know where their son was taken to. Jewish settlers assaulted the property of a Palestinian resident of the village of Lubban to the south of Nablus.

Local sources said that IOF troops entered the village of Beit fourik about 1:30 am last night and raided the home of a resident from the Mulitat family and took away their son who is in his twenties.

The forces then withdrew from the village without any further arrests or home raids, especially that the village was subjected a few days ago to a campaign of arrests that affected a number of its young people.

Meanwhile, settlers from the Eli settlement attacked the village of Lubban close to the settlement, assaulted property belonging the family of Daraghma and uprooted a number of olive trees.

Furthermore, IOF troops arrested on Friday morning two Palestinians from Beit Hanina to the north of Jerusalem and Silwan to the south of the Aqsa Mosque.
Local sources said that IOF troops raided the home of Haytham Shukri Taha at dawn and took him to the Maskoubeyya interrogation and detention centre in Jerusalem.

IOF troops also arrested Talab Idris (46 years) from the Thawri neighbourhood of Silwan to the south of the Aqsa Mosque after raiding ransacking his home. They also confiscated his mobile phones.
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