Mapping Israeli prisons

12:00 Sep 17 2016 Al-Maskobiyya (Russian Compound), Ayalon, Eshil, Gilbo'a, Jalameh (al-Jalama), Hadarim, Ktzi'ot, Massiyahu, Ofer, Shikma, Shita (Shata)

Map of Israeli prisons in Israel and the Occupied Palestinians Territories (0PT): a partial list, in progress.

International law governing the actions of an occupying power prohibits that power from holding detainees in locations outside occupied territories.

While a few Israeli prisons, such as Ofer Prison, are within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPT), many Palestinians, including children under the age of 16, are incarcerated in prisons within Israel. Palestinian and Israeli news media also report that Palestinian detainees, including children, are taken for interrogation at centers located within Israeli settlements in the oPT, settlements that are themselves illegal under international law.

Prison List: (approximate prison locations are marked in red)

Al-Maskobiyya Interrogation Centre
Also known as "the Russian Compound"
East Jerusalem

Ayalon Prison
Ramla, Israel
31.935083, 34.88127

Eshil Prison
Be'rer'as-Sabe' (Bir Shiva)

Gilbo'a Prison, next door to Shita Prison
32.540649, 35.434342

Jalameh (al-Jalama) Interrogation Center
"notorious children prison"
32.723403, 35.088478

Hadarmim Prison

Ktzi'ot prison
Negev detention center
near Auja, Israel

Maasiyahu Detention Center
Ramle, near Tel Aviv
31.9246253967285, 34.8668212890625

Ofer Prison and Military Court
Beituniya, Occupied Palestinian Territories: West Bank

Shikma Prison and Interrogation Center
Ashkelon, Israel

Shita (Shata) Prison
32.540649, 35.434342

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