Border Guard officer gets 3 months in jail for abusing Palestinian minor

12:00 Nov 10 2011 Jerusalem

Jerusalem District Court convicts Shani Sevilya of abuse, intimidation, after she aims gun at Palestinian detainee, squeezes trigger while saying 'death to Arabs'

by Aviad Glickman for Ynet

The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday convicted former Border Guard officer Shani Sivilya, 22, of abusing a Palestinian minor that was detained and placed under her supervision.

Sivilya, who was let go from the Border Guard following the incident a few months ago, was sentenced to three months in prison and three months community service as part of a plea bargain in which she admitted of aiming a gun to the minor's head and squeezing the trigger, while saying "death to Arabs."

Sivilya also admitted that her acts were motived by racism.

The court convicted Sevilia of three counts of abusing a minor, intimidation and recklessness behavior.

Sivilya's attorney Refael Farij, claimed his client is a responsible and dedicated young woman, who made a one time mistake, and asked the judge to mitigate the punishment, however his request was denied.
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