Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians in West Bank

03:00 Sep 8 2015 Nabi Saleh, Husan, al-Issawiya, Jerusalem's Old City, Bethlehem, Mirkah

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 13 Palestinians across the occupied West Bank overnight Monday, Palestinian sources and the Israeli army said.

In the village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, Israeli forces ransacked the house of Abdul-Razzaq al-Tamimi before detaining three family members, local sources said.

The three family members were identified as siblings Louay and Udai al-Tamimi and Osaid al-Tamimi.

Local sources said that soldiers violently assaulted them before taking them to an unknown location.

Nabi Saleh has come under the spotlight in recent days after video footage of an Israeli soldier trying to arrest a 11-year-old member of the Tamimi family went viral last month.

Local sources said that another four Palestinians were detained in Jenin district, identified as Ahmad Raed al-Sukhn, 21, Qaysa Saed Jarrar, 18, Ibrahim Muhammad Khalil, 32, and Yousif Abdullah Abu Naasa, 19, who was wounded.

Israeli forces reportedly ransacked their homes before detaining them.

Separately, local sources said that Israeli forces also detained 16-year-old Majdi Ibrahim Sabateen from Husan village in western Bethlehem after raiding his home.

The Israeli army said that they had detained 11 Palestinians overnight Monday.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the three detentions in Nabi Saleh, two more in the Ramallah district, two in Bethlehem, two in Hebron, and two in Jenin.

She said that both Palestinians detained in Jenin, one in Ramallah, and both in Hebron were "Hamas operatives," while the others were suspected of "illegal activity."

Israeli forces routinely detain Palestinians throughout the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, often on the pretext of perceived security threats.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported in August that Israeli forces have so far this year carried out a weekly average of 79 search and arrest operations across the occupied Palestinian territory.


by IMEMC & Agencies

Israeli soldiers invaded several Palestinian communities, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped thirteen Palestinians after storming their homes, and violently searching them.

Media sources in Jerusalem said the soldiers invaded a number of homes in the al-'Eesawiyya town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and kidnapped two Palestinians identified as Yazan Jaber, 17, and Mahmoud Nasser, 20, before taking them to the police station in Salaheddin Street.

The sources also said that the army invaded and searched homes in Jerusalem's Old city, before kidnapping two young Palestinian men identified as Usama Rajabi and Wael Rajabi.

In addition, several military vehicles invaded Husan town, west of Bethlehem, searched one home and kidnapped Majdi Ibrahim Sabateen, 16 years of age.

The soldiers also invaded the al-'Ein neighborhood in Bethlehem and ordered Hasan Hosni Shouka, 28, to head to the Etzion military base, south of the city, for interrogation. The family said the army violently searched their property.

Clashes took place near the Manger Square in Bethlehem after the soldiers invaded the area; the army fired several gas bombs and concussion grenades.

Several military vehicles also invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and Marka village, south of the city, and kidnapped four Palestinians, after violently searching their homes.

Media sources said the soldiers kidnapped Ahmad Raed as-Shokhn, 21, in Marka village, in addition to Qaiser Sa'id Jarrar, 18, Ibrahim Mohammad Anteer, 32, and Yousef Abu Na’sa, 19 years of age who was previously shot and wounded by Israeli army fire.

Several military vehicles also invaded Husan town, west of Bethlehem, before the soldiers broke into and searched one home, and kidnapped Majdi Ibrahim Sabateen, 16 years of age.

Three more Palestinians have been kidnapped by the army in Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, after a large military force invaded the village, searched and ransacked several homes.

The three have been identified as Odai Abdul-Razeq Tamimi, 22, his brother Luay, and Aseed Ahmad Tamimi, 22 years of age.

The soldiers assaulted the kidnapped Palestinians before abducting them, causing various cuts and bruises, and took them to an unknown destination.

Louay and Udai al-Tamimi and Osaid al-Tamimi detained 9/8/2015
Majdi Ibrahim Sabateen, 16, detained 9/8/2015
Yazan Jaber, 17, and Mahmoud Nasser, 20, detained 9/8/2015
Usama Rajabi and Wael Rajabi detained 9/8/2015
Ahmad Raed as-Shokhn, 21, Qaiser Sa'id Jarrar, 18, Ibrahim Mohammad Anteer, 32, and Yousef Abu Na’sa, 19, detained 9/8/2015
Hasan Hosni Shouka, 28, summoned for interrogation 9/8/2015
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