8 Palestinians detained from Jerusalem, Hebron districts

03:00 Aug 24 2015 al-Issawiya, Shu‘fat, Anata, al-Tur, al-Aqsa compount, Hebron city (al-Sheikh neighborhood)District, 91194, Israel

by IMEMC News & Agencies

Israeli forces overnight abducted at least eight Palestinians, including at least five minors, from Jerusalem and Hebron districts, according to reports by media and security sources.

WAFA correspondence reports that six Palestinians, including five minors, were detained from the Jerusalem district and another from the Hebron district. Israeli police launched house-to-house raid and detention operations in several East Jerusalem towns and neighborhoods.

Police stormed al-Issawiya town, to the north of the city, where they kidnapped a Palestinian minor after breaking into and ransacking his family’s house. The boy was identified as Qusai Dari.

Israeli police also stormed Shu‘fat town, to the north of the city, where they took two Palestinian minors after breaking into and ransacking their families’ houses. The two minors currently remain unidentified.

Forces also raided ‘Anata town, to the north of the city, where they proceeded to abduct a young Palestinian, identified as Ahmad al-Sheikh, after storming his house.

Another Palestinian minor was taken during clashes with Israeli police in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Zaitoun, also known as al-Tur (Mount of Olives). The detainee was identified as Ahmad Ashayer, 17.

Furthermore, Israeli intelligence officers kidnapped another Palestinian minor from the city shortly after he was released. The youth was identified as Laith Abed-Rabbu, aged 16, and is a former detainee.

A young Palestinian woman was taken, on Monday morning, from the Bab Hatta (Hatta Gate), which leads to Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. She remains unidentified.

This happened just as police prevented Palestinian Muslim women from accessing the holy site. The women were stopped by police at al-Silsila Gate.

Meanwhile, groups of extremist settlers forced their way into the compound via al-Maghariba Gate (Moroccan Gate) under police protection, sparking tensions and prompting Palestinian worshippers to shout slogans in protest.

Meanwhile, in Hebron city, in the southern West Bank, forces abducted one Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house in al-Sheikh neighborhood. He was identified as Yusuf Abu Hammad, 25.

Two currently unidentified Palestinian minors detained 8/24/2015
Qusai Dari detained 8/24/2015
Ahmad al-Sheikh detained 8/24/2015
Ahmad Ashayer, 17, detained 8/24/2015
Unidentified Palestinian woman detained at Hatta Gate 8/24/2015
Laith Abed-Rabbu, aged 16, detained 8/24/2015
Yusuf Abu Hammad, 25, detained 8/24/2015
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