Daoud al Ghoul, Palestinian resident of Jerusalem, deported from Jerusalem and West Bank by military order

12:00 Jan 29 2015 Jerusalem and West Bank

Video: Daoud al Ghoul interview

Alternative News 29 Jan —

Daoud al Ghoul, a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem, was deported in December from Jerusalem and the West Bank for a period of five months. The deportation was done through a military order, with no attendant legal process; reasons for the deportation were not provided.

Al Ghoul is currently in the city of Haifa. Al-Ghoul, the coordinator of youth programs for the Health Work Committees in Jerusalem and of the Kanaan Network of Palestinian civil society organizations, presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on 17 November on the increasingly repressive situation in occupied Jerusalem. Al Ghoul discusses this repressive situation in Jerusalem, describing how the situation deteriorated following the July 2 kidnapping and murder of Palestinian teen Mohammad Abu Khdeir by Israeli settlers.
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