Israelis attack Arab taxi driver in Bnei Brak, claim he tried to hit 2

12:00 Nov 23 2014 Bnei Brak

TEL AVIV (Ma’an) – A Palestinian taxi driver from Kafr Qasim city near Tal Aviv in central Israel says he was attacked by 17 Israelis in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Bnei Brak after two of them claimed he tried to run them over.

A Ma’an reporter said the driver told Israeli police he had parked his taxi in front of a hospital to pick up two Israeli female nurses who called him. He added that two young Israeli men came and started to shout at him accusing him of trying to run them over. One of the nurses got out of the taxi and shouted “you are lying.”

Shortly after that, 15 other Israelis arrived and attacked the taxi swearing at the driver. The taxi sustained damage.

Israeli police say they are investigating the incident.
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