Thousands Fleeing Gaza By Any Means

22:00 Sep 9 2014 Gaza

by IMEMC News & Agencies Report post

The numbers of Palestinians migrating from Gaza to Egypt and Europe have now tripled since the recent Israeli military assault on the region, sources say.

According to the Palestinian News Network (PNN), it is claimed that as many as 10,000 people have fled the Gaza Strip in the past 8 months, as life for them becomes even more unbearable.

A recent statement by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), has confirmed that this recent phenomenon is occurring across the border into Sinai, through the infamous tunnels sensationalized via pro-Israeli media propaganda, before subsequent arrival of hopeful migrants at Egyptian coastal towns.

From here, some will further attempt to reach a destination of Italy or other European states by sea.

Smugglers reportedly charge around $4,000 per person, for transport, and take no responsibility should emigrants be arrested or killed. The danger involved in such a journey is considerable. This was recently confirmed, as a boat carrying 160 illegal immigrants capsized off the coast.

All who were aboard the vessel currently remain in the custody of Egyptian forces.

The desperate situation in Gaza has prompted thousands of Palestinians to risk their lives in search of a better future, PNN further reports. On top of the increased violence inflicted upon the region by the Israeli occupation, over the past decade, are a lack of opportunities due to the siege, leading to even further determination to escape the region, regardless of the law.

With checkpoints closed and Egypt unwilling to facilitate access, illegal migration through the tunnels into Sinai remains the only option for those seeking a new start.

The PFLP has called upon all Palestinian factions to come together in Gaza to find a solution to the crisis.
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