Dozens Abducted by Israeli Forces in West Bank and Jerusalem

03:00 Aug 19 2014 Usarin, Tell, Burqa, Hebron, Dahiriya, Halhoul, Husan, Beit Sahour, Deir Istiya, Burqin, Jerusalem

by IMEMC News & Agencies

Reports of dozens of Palestinians being attacked, by both Israeli settlers and soldiers, are still surfacing in increasing amounts, as the assault on Gaza resumes with no breakthrough in peace negotiations. Over 2 dozen people have been kidnapped across the region since Monday, with housing demolitions ongoing in multiple occurrence.

According to reports by media and security sources, the Israeli military and police arrested at least 16 Palestinians from various areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem, on Tuesday alone.

In occupied Nablus, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) said Israeli army stormed the village of Usarin, during predawn hours, abducting two teenagers, ages 17 and 19, after raiding their houses and wrecking their furniture.

The army also stormed the nearby village of Tell, where they kidnapped a Palestinian youngster, in addition to another whom they took at a checkpoint near the town of Burqa.

In Hebron, Israeli forces stormed the city and took two brothers following a similar raid on their homes. The army also stormed the nearby town of Dahiriya, where they kidnapped a 19-year-old Palestinian after raiding his house.

Later, on Tuesday, WAFA further reports that soldiers set military checkpoints at several highways across Hebron Governorate, arresting at least one Palestinian near Halhoul.

Meanwhile, in Bethlehem, soldiers invaded the village of Hosan, west of the city, kidnapping one youngster, aged 23, after raiding and searching his family's house. The army further stormed the nearby town of Beit Sahour, where they served two brothers with summonses to appear, for interrogation, before Israeli intelligence.

Forces also raided the village of Deir Istiya, near the city of Salfit, where they abducted four more Palestinians.

Another was further reported arrested in the village of Burqin, to the west of Jenin, in the northern West Bank, in addition to yet another in the town of Husan, just west of Bethlehem.

In occupied East Jerusalem, Israeli police in Jerusalem took with them one minor, as he was trying to fend off a provocative Jewish settlers’ attack on al-Aqsa Mosque. The assault was led by Jewish-Israeli rabbi Yehuda Glick.

The mosque has seen repeated Israeli attempts, in recent months, to enforce a temporal division of prayer times between Muslims and Jews.

Two teenagers detained Aug 19. 2014
One Palestinian detained Aug 19, 2014
One Palestinian detained Aug 19, 2014
Two Palestinian brothers detained Aug 19, 2014
A 19 year old Palestinian detained Aug 19, 2014
One Palestinian detained Aug 19, 2014
At least one Palestinian detained Aug 19, 2014
Two brothers summoned for interrogation Aug 19, 2014
Four Palestinians detained Aug 19, 2014
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