Group: 57 Palestinians detained Tuesday. Eight Detained In Jenin, Soldiers Confiscate UNRWA Vehicle

12:00 Jun 17 2014 West Bank and Jerusalem

Group: 57 Palestinians detained Tuesday. Eight Detained In Jenin, Soldiers Confiscate UNRWA Vehicle
Photo: Jenin Home Ransacked By Soldiers - – Jenin Facebook Group

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The number of Palestinians detained by Israeli soldiers on Tuesday increased to 57, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said.

Among the latest detainees are journalist Yahiya Habayib from Hebron, Musab Quzah from Tulkarem, and Mohammad Thiyab Sa’d from Jenin.


by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

[Tuesday, June 17, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and the Jenin refugee camp, violently broke into and searched dozens of homes, kidnapped eight Palestinians and confiscated a vehicle belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

Local sources said that dozens of Israeli military vehicles and jeeps invaded various neighborhoods in the city, and searched dozens of homes before kidnapping eight Palestinians.

The sources said the eight have been identified as Yazan Jarrar (a lawyer), 23, Mohammad Sa’ad, 30, Wael Turkman, 20, Kifah Khader, 23, Yousef at-Tatar, 21, Ahmad Samara, 22, Ibrahim Maslamani. 30, and Abdullah as-Sa’dy, 48.

The men were kidnapped after soldiers smashed the doors of their homes and ransacked the property, causing excessive damage.

Soldiers also invaded the homes of Mahmoud Abu Naa’sa, Hassan Oweid and Mohammad Ghalyoun, and used the properties as military centers.

In addition, the soldiers caused excessive property damage in the homes of Ahmad Awartany, Ahmad an-Najjar, Awni Abu Alia, Rajeh Abu Alia and his father’s home, Thiab Sa’ad, and Abu Sa’id al-Bal’aqy.

Medical sources said scores of residents have been injured as the soldiers invaded Jenin city, and the Jenin refugee camp, while firing dozens of gas bombs, concussion grenades and rounds of live ammunition, leading to clashes with local youth. Undercover soldiers of the army also infiltrated into the city.

In addition, undercover forces of the army confiscated a vehicle belonging to the UNRWA, in the Jenin refugee camp, forced a kidnapped resident to drive it with them under gunpoint, left the vehicle later on in an area near the Annexation Wall, and released the driver.

Jenin Governor, Ibrahim Ramadan, slammed the ongoing Israeli military escalation, and the deliberate targeting of civilians, warning that Israel’s violations will only lead the area into further violence.

Ramadan added that kidnapping civilians violates International Law, and all related human rights agreements, adding that confiscating and illegally using an UNRWA car is a blatant Israeli disregard to the UNRWA and international law.

He called on the International Community and all peace activists and supporters around the world to act on ending the Israeli military aggression, and crimes that aim at trying to force the Palestinians to abandon their legitimate rights of dignity, freedom, liberation and independence.


Army Kidnaps Dozens Of Palestinians In West Bank

Hebron: Families Kicked Out Of Their Homes

PLC Head, Two Legislators, Kidnapped In Hebron


NABLUS (Ma'an) -- Some 40 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces overnight, bringing the total number of detentions past the 200 mark on the fifth day of a search for missing teenagers, the army said.

Over 25 Israeli military vehicles entered Balata refugee camp in Nablus and soldiers raided 30 homes, a Palestinian official said.

Fatah-affiliated lawmaker Jamal Tirawi told Ma'an Israeli soldiers ransacked his home "in a barbarian way," claiming they were looking for weapons.

Tirawi said soldiers also searched the homes of his brothers' apartments, in addition to the homes of Palestinian security officers.

He said soldiers detained Hatim Abu Rizq, his brother Abed, Bashir Hashash, Ayish al-Abed, Ali al-Araj, Raed al-Kaabi, Muhammad Abu Arab, and Iyad Tirawi.

Soldiers detained Bilal Muhsin from the village of Audla, Tirawi added.

Israeli forces also issued summons to eight Palestinian families, demanding the "wanted" members of the families turn themselves in, he said.

A senior military source told the Israeli news site Ynet that the army had shifted their focus from Hebron to Nablus.

Still, thousands of Israeli soldiers remained stationed in Hebron overnight, continuing to keep the southern entrance to the city closed with an iron gate, a Ma'an reporter said.

Locals told Ma'an that military raids were conducted in the towns of Beit Ummar, Surif, Sair, Nuba, Dura, and Beit Kahil.

Cemeteries were searched in Dura and Beit Kahil, locals said.

Meanwhile, in Ramallah, Israeli forces detained four Hamas-affiliated men after raiding their homes.

Family members told Ma'an that Aziz Kayid, director of Hamas' TV channel al-Aqsa, was detained from his house al-Bireh.

Soldiers also detained Muhammad Ammar, Rami Ishteiwi, and Anas al-Kiswani.

Kidnappers 'could have been car thieves'

As the search for three missing Israeli teenagers entered its fifth day, an Israeli police commander speculated that the teens' alleged kidnappers could have been "car thieves or criminals" given their skill at evading police.

Northern district commander Elik Ron told the Israeli news site Walla that Hamas had utilized car thieves for operations in the past, given the thieves' abilities to sneak past checkpoints and break into houses.

"They are professionals at passing through security technologies and they know when to get rid of their smart phones," Ron told Walla.

Three Israeli teenagers disappeared late Thursday from an area near the Gush Etzion settlement.

Israel blames Hamas for "kidnapping" the teens, but Hamas denies involvement.

Soldiers have killed a Palestinian and injured several others during the campaign to the find the missing teens, which Palestinian officials have described as "collective punishment."

8 detained on June 17, 2014. UNRWA vehicle confiscated
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