7 detained in overnight arrest raids across Hebron

03:00 May 18 2014 As Samu' , Hebron, Al-Fawwar, Beit Ummar

HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces made several overnight detention raids across the southern West Bank district of Hebron, detaining seven and delivering summons for questioning to a number of others.

In the city of Hebron, Israeli troops detained Qusay Said Nassar, his brother Uday, and Muataz Ubeido after ransacking their homes, local and security sources told Ma'an.

Separately, Israeli troops broke into As-Samu village south of Hebron and detained Muath Idris and Ammar Ziad Rawashda.

Another group of Israeli forces raided al-Fawwar refugee camp south of Hebron and detained Muhammad Nizar al-Titi. Al-Titi had served in Israeli prisons before.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the detentions but gave slightly different figures, mentioning four arrests in Hebron, one in As-Samu, and two in al-Fawwar.

Israeli forces also raided the town of Beit Ummar north of Hebron and delivered summons to several young men demanding that they meet with Israeli intelligence officers for questioning.

Spokesman of a local popular committee in Beit Ummar Muhammad Ayyad Awad said that Israeli soldiers broke open the main door of Ahmad Ayyad Awad's home and inspected the house for more than an hour. The soldiers, he said, were looking for 28-year-old Omar Ahmad Ayyad Awad who was not at home when the soldiers broke in.

An officer delivered summons to Omar and his brother Yousuf, 31 demanding that they go to an interrogation center in the nearby Jewish settlement of Etzion for questioning.

The soldiers also broke into the adjacent home of Khalid Ayyad Awad, 40, and confiscated a permit he had to work in Israel after they handed him summons for questioning.

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