Working side by side with the community in Fasayal

12:00 Aug 6 2011 Al-Fasayil (Fasayal ), Jordan Valley

[photos] JVS 8 Aug

Two days ago Jordan Valley Solidarity volunteers and locals from the village of Fasayal launched new initiatives to support the community living in Fasayal. After a meeting with the village to discuss the possibility of working together, side by side, two initiatives were proposed and decided upon. The first is to work together to build a solidarity house made of mud bricks, and the second is to develop together a new football playing area for the children of the village, with JVS providing the football posts and netting, as well as football kit including boots.

The village of Fasayal is located in the middle of the Jordan Valley off Road 90. The lower area of the village is located in area A, and is under Palestinian Authority control, while both middle and upper Fasayal are located in area C. The community in middle and upper Fasayal are subjected to total Israeli control without access to basic ammenities such as electricy and water. At the same time the village is surrounded on either side by two settlements which enjoy water and electricty with a 75 % subsidy from the state.

In June this year the Israeli administration demolished 18 homes and 6 other structures leaving 103 people homeless including 65 children. Israels deliberate policy to ethnically cleanse the Valley by taking away the basic human rights of the Palestinian indigenous population means that these demolitions are commonplace across the valley.

With a group of 12 JVS volunteers from the 'PEDAL: 100 days to Palestine' group and around 20 volunteers from the village, around 300 mud bricks have already been made for use in the Jordan Valley Solidarity house. This new campaign is aimed at supporting the villages in Fasayal to remain on their land despite the illegal Israeli campaign to force them to leave.

We would like our friends to come and support the village and work side by side with the community to resist the illegal Israeli occupation.
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