Israeli forces demolish store belonging to Bedouin orphans

12:00 Apr 18 2013 Wadi al-Niam, Tel Sheva, Umm El-Ratam

BEERSHEBA, Israel (Ma'an) -- Israeli forces on Thursday demolished a store belonging to orphans in Wadi al-Niam, a Bedouin village in the Negev.

"The demolition is immoral and unjustifiable. How can a state which claims to be an oasis of democracy and equality explain demolition of orphans' homes and means of living?" said Labbad Abu Affash, head of the village committee.

The store belonged to orphans from the Jirjawi family, a Ma'an reporter said.

Abu Affash told Ma'an the whole village was slated for demolition.

"We realize pretty well that Wadi al-Niam is being targeted by the Israeli occupation. However, we similarly realize that our people in the village are stronger that the machines used in demolitions, and they will never break our will as owners who have the right to live in dignity on our lands."

At the demolition, Talab Abu Arar, a Palestinian member of Israel's Knesset, had a heated argument with an Israeli commander and a representative of Israel's land department.

Abu Arar tried to enter the store to prevent the demolition but police officers used force to stop him.

Earlier in April, Israeli forces demolished Bedouin village al-Arakib for the 49th time. In Arara village, Israeli forces demolished a partially-constructed home, a tent and a barn.


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On Thursday, 18th April, 2013, government representatives accompanied by police came to demolish homes of Bedouins in the Negev: They demolished three homes. One in Umm El-Ratam south of 'Arara, one in east of Arara and in the township Tel Sheva. In Wadi El-Na'am they demolished a grocery store.
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