IOF nabs two men including minor in continued West Bank arrest sweep

06:00 Jul 26 2011 Husan (Hussan) village, near Bethlehem and Aboud village in Ramallah province

WEST BANK, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces arrested Tuesday morning at least two men in a continued arrest sweep targeting Palestinians in the West Bank.

Among those arrested was a minor aged 17 in Housan village west of Bethlehem. Earlier he received a phone call from Israeli intelligence where he was ordered to surrender himself to headquarters in Etzion settlement south of Bethlehem.

The other arrest took place in Aboud village in Ramallah province after a house raid.

More IOF troops invaded another home in Jannatah east of Bethlehem and carried out an intense search of its contents.

Elsewhere, IOF military units patrolled at least four towns in Al-Khalil province in the southern West Bank.

Sources said citizens were stopped and searched for identification in the streets and residential neighborhoods.
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