Haredi Youth Attack 2 Arab And Jewish Women

05:00 Feb 28 2013 Jerusalem

Haredi Youth Attack 2 Arab And Jewish Women
Rear window shattered (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

Thursday March 07, 2013 by IMEMC & Agencies

A number of Haredi Jewish youth recently attacked two Arab and Israeli female teachers in Jerusalem and hurled stones at their car shattering one of the vehicle’s windows, Israeli Ynet News reported.

The Ynet added that one of the teachers managed to identify one of the attackers who was apprehended by the Police later on. The two teachers were attacked again when the tires of their car were uncured.

The teachers work at the Alumim School in Jerusalem; the Ynet said that they came to Jerusalem last Thursday afternoon in order to offer condolences to the principal of the school after he mother died.

They said that the extremists started attacking them directly after they stepped out of the car, and started throwing stones at them in addition to spitting and cursing at them.

The Jewish teacher filed a complaint with the Israeli Police and returned to the location of the attack along with Police officers. The Police said that one of the assailants has been identified and apprehended, and confessed to the attack.

She added that she was attacked, once again, as she was leaving the principals house, when two Israeli youths jumped on her car and slashed the tires when she slowed down at a junction. She then called the police, again, and they arrived at the scene of the attack.

2 women assaulted in Jerusalem

Arab, Jewish teachers from Ramat Hasharon pelted with stones, cursed by haredim on their way to shiva. Police: Act nationalistically motivated

Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 03.06.13, 22:30 / Israel News

Two female teachers on their way to a shiva in Jerusalem were assaulted by haredi youths who pelted their car with stones and shattered one of its windows.

One assailant was identified by one of the teachers and was promptly arrested. Later, the two were attacked again when the tires on their car had been punctured.

Police say the act was nationalistically motivated.

The two teachers from the Alumim school in Ramat Hasharon, one of them an Arab, had arrived in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon to offer their condolences to the school's principal who had lost her mother.

"When we stepped out of the vehicle, they began pelting it with stones and throwing oranges at us," Revital Volkov said. She further added that the two were also subjected to spitting and cursing. "I was called a bitch and named names," Volkov recounted.

The teacher filed a complaint with the police and returned to the scene together with officers in an attempt to trace the assailants. One of them was identified and arrested and according to the police confessed to the act.

Volkov claims she was attacked again after leaving the principal's house. "I slowed down at the junction and two youths jumped on the car and cut my tires," he said. Police were then called to the scene again.
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