Israeli Municipality Hands Jerusalem Residents Demolition Order

00:00 Feb 4 2013 Al-Sawwanah neighborhood, East Jerusalem; and Anata

JERUSALEM, February 4, 2013 (WAFA) – Crews from the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem Monday handed a number of residents in a building in al-Sawwanah neighborhood in East Jerusalem a demolishing notice, said witnesses.

Chairman of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, and one of the residents told WAFA that Israeli authorities pasted demolishing notices at all the doors of all apartments, without specifying a date or a deadline, under the pretext of construction without obtaining a permit.

Sabri said that the families living in the 16-storey building which houses about 80 individuals will be appointing a lawyer to represent the case against the Municipality’s arbitrary rule.

He said “The Israeli occupation adopts a systematic policy of homes demolishing and property and land takeover in order to displace the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.”

Sabri warned of the ongoing Israeli plans which targets every Palestinian and the holy city of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli police handed several residents in the town of Anata northeast of Jerusalem demolition notices of houses, stores, and cattle sheds.

One of the town’s residents told WAFA that Israeli police raided the town and handed about 20 demolition notices under the pretext of construction without permits.

The police gave the residents until February 19 to appeal the decision of the Municipality.

Witnesses pointed out that the town has been witnessing land confiscation and homes demolition in order to build and expand illegal nearby settlements.


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