Israel destroys wells, confiscates pumps in Area A, Jordan Valley

12:00 Jul 12 2011 Al Nasaryah, Al Akrabanyah, Beit Hassan (Bet Hasan), Jordan Valley, Area A

[photos] JVS 12 July -- This morning Israeli forces destroyed water wells in the villages of Al Nasaryah, Al Akrabanyah, Bet Hasan, in the Northern Jordan Valley. A big number of military jeeps, along with bulldozers and trucks entered villages located on the way between Tubas and Hamra checkpoint and demolished 3 water wells and confiscated the pumps. 5,000 people live in this region, classified "Area A" [full Palestinian civil and security control] by the Oslo Agreements. The destruction of these wells means the destruction of the only source of income of hundreds of Palestinian families who depend on agriculture.
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