PA security summons four citizens from Yatta

10:00 Jul 8 2011 Yatta(Yattah), al-Khalil (Hebron) district

RAMALLAH (PIC) 8 July -- PA security on Friday morning handed four citizens from Yatta town in the southern West Bank district of al-Khalil summonses. Those summoned include Sheikh Atef Rabba‘ and his brother Sheikh Taiseer Rabba‘ who work at the Islamic Orphans Welfare Society. The two brothers spent in occupation jails more than four years in administrative detention, without charge or trial. They also spent about eight months at PA jails where they were brutally tortured. The PA preventive security also handed summonses to both Jebrael al-Amour and Osama al-Hamamda for next week.
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PA security summons four citizens from Yatta

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