IDF uses live fire to disperse clash between settlers and Palestinians

06:00 Jul 25 2012 Sinjil

By Chaim Levinson for Haraatz

IDF soldiers dispersed a confrontation between Palestinians and settlers on Wednesday morning near Ramallah.

The incident took place after settlers from the outpost of Givat Harel began their morning prayers at the entrance to the town of Sinjil, 21 kilometers northeast of Ramallah. Palestinian residents confronted the settlers, and the two groups came to blows.

A small IDF force which arrived at the scene was unable to break up the fighting, causing it to fire in the air in order to disperse the fight.

The IDF Spokesperson responded to the event, saying that IDF forces “arrived on the scene and fired warning shots, dispersing the confrontation.” The Spokesperson further stated that the shots were fired according to procedure.

According to the settlers, Palestinians in the area have been farming state lands in order to take over them. However, according to the IDF, the lands belong to Sinjil.

One settler and three Palestinians were lightly wounded during the confrontation.
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