Palestinians stabbed, shot in settler attack near Nablus

12:00 Jul 7 2012 Yanoun (Yanun)

Updates: 7/7/12

‏@BeesanRam 5 injuries just arrived into Rafidia hospital in #Nablus from #Aqraba and #Yanun the serious one is still with the IOF ambulance.
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@Molchansky Today settlers attacked farmers Aqraba, and stabbed to death twenty sheep
היום מתנחלים תקפו חקלאים פלסטינים מעקרבא, ודקרו למוות כעשרים כבשים, בזמן שחיילים שמרו עליהם. ‎‪#j14‬‏


#Nablus:Jawdat Ibrahim from #Aqraba was attacked and tight up by settlers and left in his land all last night (1/2)


they found him this morning out unconscious in his land in #Yanun.he is one of the victims of today's terrorist attack (2/2)


NABLUS (Ma'an) -- A Palestinian man was shot by Israeli forces in the northern West Bank on Saturday, after which a group of Israeli settlers stabbed him repeatedly, a Palestinian official said.

Jawdat Bani Jabir, 43, was shot in the face and the foot by soldiers in Yanun village, south of Nablus, governorate official Ghassan Daghlas told Ma'an.

A group of Israeli settlers who had descended into the village proceeded to stab him in several places, Daghlas added. Jabir's condition could not be immediately confirmed.

An Israeli army spokesman said he was looking into the incident.

Daghlas said the settlers had entered Yanun village, and fatally stabbed five cattle. He pointed out that the village depends on agriculture and livestock.

Villagers came out to defend their homes, the official added.

Yanun is surrounded by Israeli settler outposts, illegal under both international and Israeli law.
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