Israel arrests Golan Heights resident upon return from studies in Syria

12:00 Jun 29 2012 Quneitra boder passing, Golan Heights

Gag order places on the detention of Dr. Eyad Jamil al-Jawhari, who returned with a group of Druze students who had culminated their studies in Syrian universities.

by Barak Ravid and Jack Khoury for Haaretz

A resident of the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights was arrested by Israeli security authorities after returning from his studies in Syria, Haaretz learned on Monday.

Dr. Eyad Jamil al-Jawhari, who returned with a group of Druze students who had culminated their studies in Syrian universities, was arrested upon his arrival at the Quneitra border passing on Friday.

A gag order has been placed on the reasons behind al-Jawhari's arrest, at the requerst of the minority division of Israel Police's northern district.

The deputy president of Nazareth District Court, Lily Yung-Gefer, allowed the police's request for a gag order, with the exception of the suspect's name.

Syria's state-run news agency SANA reported on Friday that al-Jawhari faced a remand hearing at the Nazareth court, and that his family members were updates on his arrest.

In addition, SANA reported that the governor of the Syrian Quneitra district urged "the international community and human rights organizations to intervene, and press the occupation forces to immediately release al-Jawhari."

According to the report, Ali Yunes, the head of a group supporting Golan Heights residents imprisoned in Israel, said that the arrest was "part of a series of Israeli actions targeting Golan residents in an attempt to break their spirit."

In late 2010, Israeli authorities arrested a fourth suspect as part of an investigation into suspected espionage against Israel.

Mona Sha'ar was arrested in Majdal Shams for allegedly committing crimes against the security of Israel.

Her son, Fada Sha'ar, was the first in this case to be arrested several weeks prior for alleged espionage and committing crimes against Israeli security. Her husband was also been arrested in connection to the case.
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