Day 246 Update: Israeli Strikes Kill Dozens of Civilians In Gaza

06:24 Jun 9 2024 Daraj & Sheikh Radwan neighborhoods of Gaza City; Nuseirat refugee camp, Al-Boreij, Deir Al-Balah, Sheikh Radwan, and Rafah.

Scene in Nuseirat. Published by IMEMC News.

Freed Israeli hostages: From left to right: Almog Meir, Andrey Kozlov, Noa Argamani and Shlomi Ziv. Published by Haaretz.

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by IMEMC News
June 9, 2024

Updated: On Saturday, Day 246 of the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians in the destroyed, starved, and besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli missiles and shells killed dozens of Palestinians, and injured many more, including children and women, in several parts of the coastal enclave, especially in central Gaza.

Update: At least three Palestinians, including a child, were killed, late Saturday night, and many, including women and children were injured when the Israeli army fired a missile at a home in the Daraj neighborhood, in Gaza City.

Medical sources said the Israeli missiles and shells from the land, the air, and the sea, were concentrated in the central parts of the coastal enclave, lasting several hours at a time.

Medical sources said dozens were killed and injured in the Israeli bombing and shelling in central Gaza, adding that at least 40 Palestinians, mostly women, and children, were killed and dozens were injured in Nusseirat refugee camp, the areas around Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah, Al-Maghazi refugee camp, Al-Boreij refugee camp, and Zawaida area.

As rescue efforts continue despite limited mean, the number of slain Palestinians in the Nusseirat refugee camp since morning hours, Saturday, has risen to more than 210, and at least 400 injured, including many women and children.

Media sources said that “American mercenaries were part of the forces that killed and injured hundreds of Palestinians in Nusseirat refugee camp,” and added that “they came from the so-called floating humanitarian pier that the U.S setup to “bring humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

The Israeli army said four Israeli’s who were held in in the refuge camp were freed in an “operation” carried out by the army and the Shin Bet. The four were identified as Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrei Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv.

The army claimed that four were in two locations in the Nusseirat refugee camp.

Quds News Network
Circulating images of the unit involved in the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp today show soldiers in uniforms different from the usual Israeli attire.

This supports Axios reports suggesting that American forces operated alongside Israeli occupation forces in the offensive, which killed over 150 Palestinians, including many children and women.

Dozens of additional slain and wounded Palestinians remain under the rubble as rescue efforts are hundreds by the massive destruction, the ongoing bombing, and the lack of equipment.

The Israeli army also used Quadcopters to fire dozens of live rounds at the fleeing families in several alleys and streets in the Nusseirat refugee camp.

Quds News Network
"They were in a truck carrying clothes and cooking pans"

A wounded Palestinian eyewitness describes the Israeli forces who snuck into Al-Nuseirat refugee camp today in a humanitarian aid truck coming from the American pier.

In addition, at least six Palestinians were killed, and many were wounded when the army fired a missile at a home for the Shahin family in Bloc 12 of the Al-Boreij refugee camp.

Casualties were also reported when the army fired many artillery shells and barrages of live rounds at areas in the eastern parts of the refugee camp.

In addition, the army fired missiles at the vicinity of the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al-Balah, along with all surrounding areas.

The hospital, the only functioning medical center in central Gaza, is barely operational due to the lack of medical supplies, fuel for its generators, and the significantly increasing number of casualties, especially after the Israeli army shelled its main power generator.

In Gaza City, Palestinian Civil Defense teams located the corpses of five Palestinians, and fourteen wounded residents, mostly women and children, under the rubble of a home for the Mohanna family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, after the army fired a missile at it.

The Israeli army also fired dozens of shells at the Zeitoun and the Sabra neighborhoods in Gaza City, causing many casualties.

Furthermore, the army fired missiles and shells at several parts of Rafah, in the Gaza Strip’s southmost part, especially in the Al-Hashash neighborhood in the Arabiya area, north of the city, causing many casualties.

In a statement, the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates denounced the massacre in the Nusseirat refugee camp and said that the attack that killed and injured dozens of civilians, including women and children, reflects the continued Israeli policies of targeting civilians, continuing the war crimes, and its disregard of International Law and International Humanitarian Law.

Dr. Mads Gilbert

The Ministry of Health appeals about electric generators of health facilities to the international community, and international organizations, to save the health system and provide support and purchase a number of generators necessary to ensure the functioning of hospitals, as:
- For about 9 months, the Palestinian Ministry of Health - Gaza has relied on diesel generators to supply hospitals with the necessary electrical energy.
These generators operate around the hour without stopping. Many of them have suffered major technical malfunctions that are difficult to repair. Some of these generators have been destroyed and directly bombed by the brutal occupation.
- We expect a number of major generators to be out of service during the coming period as a result of preventing the entry of spare parts needed for preventive and periodic maintenance to ensure the continued operation of the generators. This means certain death for the sick and injured and the complete end of the health service.
The occupation army attempted to put the health system out of service by destroying all the electrical generators in the Shifa Complex, Nasser Complex, the Indonesian Hospital, and most recently, destroying the generators of Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza.
Recently, one of the most important main generators in Al-Aqsa Hospital broke down, and the hospital is operating with one generator without stopping. This means that a disaster is imminent and the hospital will be completely out of service.
The Ministry of Health has been trying since the beginning of the war with the ICRC to work on supplying and purchasing generators, but to no avail, and the organization confirms that the ban comes by decision of the occupation.
video from ER AL-Aqsa just now

The Ministry condemned the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and Israel’s ongoing violations of all internal laws and treaties and demanded the International Community to immediately intervene and stop the ongoing ethnic cleansing.

In related news, Philippe Lazzarini, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said there are serious risks regarding the spread of diseases, including Cholera, in the Gaza Strip.

WAFA Palestinians News Agency said that, during his visit to the German capital, Berlin, to garner more support for the organization, Lazzarini spoke about the “hopeless situation for the residents of the Gaza Strip,” emphasizing the “urgent need to address famine and the deteriorating situation in the south.”

Lazzarini also voiced his concern about children in the region, stating, “We have around 600,000 school-age children in Gaza, and a top priority is getting them back to learning.”

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Israel at War, Day 246: Four Hostages Rescued in Israeli Operation in Central Gaza

Four Israeli hostages rescued alive in Israeli operation in central Gaza; one special forces officer killed ■ Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry: 210 Palestinians killed, over 400 were wounded during IDF operation ■ Israeli hospital officials: Rescued hostages in good condition and 'in good spirits' ■ Here's what you need to know 245 days into the war

Jun 8, 2024 7:58 pm IDT

At least three Palestinians, including a child, reported killed in Daraj; 5 dead, 14 reported wounded, by Israeli missile fired at Mohanna home in Sheikh Radwan 6/9/2024.
At least 210 Palestinians dead, 400 injured by Israeli fire during rescue operation of 4 Israeli hostages, Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrei Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv 6/9/2024.
Dozens reported killed, injured here and in Deir al-Balah, Al-Maghazi refugee camp & Zawaida area 6/9/2024.
Dozens reported killed, injured here and in Al-Boreij & Al-Maghazi refugee camps and Zawaida area 6/9/2024.
At least 6 Palestinians killed, many reported wounded by Israeli missile fired at Shalin family home 6/9/2024.
Israeli missile fire reported causing many casualities 6/9/2024.
Many casualities reported here and in Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City 6/9/2024.
Many casualties reported here and in Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City 6/9/2024.
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