"Happening now: Israeli settler destroyed my house wall, the Israeli soldier did nothing to stop him" -[Issa Amro]

12:00 May 31 2024 Tel Rumeida ( تل رميدة; תל רומיידה)

Scene at Amro property. Screenshot by PalMap, from @Issaamro Twitter post video

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Issa Amro عيسى عمرو ????????
May 31
Happening now: Israeli settler destroyed my house wall, the Israeli soldier did nothing to stop him.

The Israeli police will do nothing to make him accountable.

Issa Amro عيسى عمرو ????????
Happening now: Israeli settlers stole my metal water tanks , I usually save water in the tanks in order to use it later because we have shortage of water , Israeli government steals our water , and Israeli settlers steal our water tanks .

Issa Amro عيسى عمرو ????????
Yesterday, I called the Israeli police while an Israeli settler was destroying my entrance wall.

I told the police : Israeli settler is destroying my wall now.

He said , he is not a settler, he is local .

I told him he is a settler according to the international law , he started arguing with me how I describe who was destroying my wall .

It is the reality we live in, they all in favor of settlers violence because they want Israel to be from the river to sea without the Palestinians.
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