Israeli Forces Abduct 17, Injure Three, in the West Bank

04:00 May 30 2024 Qalqilia (قلقيلية), Zbat at-Tabib (إزبات الطيب), Tubas (طوباس), "Sarra" roadblock, Aida refugee camp (مخيم عايدة), Dura (دورا), Yatta (يطا), Al-Arroub camp (مخيم العروب), Idhna (إذنا), & Birin (بيرين)

Israeli Forces Abduct 17, Injure Three, in the West Bank
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May 30, 2024

Israeli forces abducted, on Thursday, at least seventeen Palestinian citizens, and injured three, in the Qalqilia, Tubas, Nablus, Bethlehem, and Hebron governorates in the occupied West Bank.

At dawn on Thursday, occupation forces stormed the city of Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, and abducted three Palestinians, including two brothers.

Media sources said that the army invaded many neighborhoods in the city, and abducted the two brothers, Yahya and Mohi Al-Sharif Nofal, and the young man, Ahmad Hamdan, after storming and searching their homes.

After storming the village of Izbat at-Tabib, east of the city, on Thursday evening, Israeli troops stormed and ransacked a car wash, and abducted one of its employees, identified as Mahdi Bayan Al-Tabib, 24.

Meanwhile, in the northeastern part of the West Bank, occupation forces invaded the city of Tubas, stormed currency exchange shops, and abducted a Palestinian young man.

According to Kamal Bani Odeh, the director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) in Tubas, soldiers broke into and searched the home of Sameh Alyan Sawafta, before abducting him, on Thursday morning, in addition to storming exchange shops.

Occupation forces invaded, on Thursday morning, the Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus in the northern West Bank, sparking protests among local Palestinian youths.

According to Ahmad Jibril, the director of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Ambulance and Emergency Services in Nablus, ambulance crews treated three young men who sustained injuries from live bullet fragments in the head, chest, and back, in addition to several people who sustained inhalation injuries from tear gas exposure.

Media sources added that the army targeted young men with a missile fired from an armed drone; no injuries were reported from the drone strike.

Furthermore, Israeli troops, stationed at the “Sarra” military roadblock, west of Nablus, stopped an ambulance and abducted a patient’s companion. on Thursday afternoon.

Media sources said that occupation forces detained an ambulance transporting a mother who underwent a caesarean section operation, her newborn baby, and her husband.

Soldiers detained the ambulance, confiscated the family’s cell phones and ID cards, and abducted the woman’s husband, identified as Ali Mahmoud Dawabsha, 40.

North of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, the army invaded and searched, on Thursday morning, the homes of Sharif Musa Roumi, 33, and Ahmad Adel Hajajra, 32, before abducting them in the Al-Aida refugee camp.

On Thursday morning, Israeli forces invaded the town of Doura, southwest of Hebron in the southern West Bank, storming and ransacking the homes of Hani Mahmoud Amr, Mohammad Mahmoud Amr, Qusay Hamdan, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Hamdan, Munif Hajjah, and Ahmad Khamis Rabi, before abducting them.

South of the city, in Yatta town, soldiers abducted the citizen, Issa Khalil Daoud, in addition to abducting Rommel Raed Sweilem and Omar Tafesh, from the Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of the city.

Moreover, Israeli forces stormed, on Thursday night, the town of Idhna, west of Hebron, which triggered protests among many Palestinian youths.

Media sources said that soldiers invaded the town, erected a flying military roadblock on “Municipality” Street, detained and assaulted young men, and fired live rounds and tear gas canisters at those who resisted the incursion; no injuries or abductions were reported.

Finally, occupation forces stormed the village of Birin, southeast of Hebron, invaded several citizens’ homes, and destroyed a privately-owned vehicle.

According to Farid Burgan, head of the Birin Village Council, soldiers invaded the village and the “Khallet Al-Farn” area, searched many homes, farms, and water wells, and destroyed a vehicle belonging to the citizen, Ibrahim Burgan.

Since the beginning of Israel’s military onslaught against the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have abducted at least 8,955 Palestinian citizens in all governorates of the occupied West Bank.

Yahya Nofal, Mohi Al-Sharif Nofal, and Ahmad Hamdan detained 5/30/2024.
Mahdi Bayan Al-Tabib, 24 detained 5/30/2024.
Sameh Alyan Sawafta detained 5/30/2024.
Ali Mahmoud Dawabsha, 40 detained 5/30/2024.
Sharif Musa Roumi, 33, and Ahmad Adel Hajajra, 32 detained 5/30/2024.
Hani Mahmoud Amr, Mohammad Mahmoud Amr, Qusay Hamdan, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Hamdan, Munif Hajjah, and Ahmad Khamis Rabi detained 5/30/2024.
Issa Khalil Daoud detained 5/30/2024.
Rommel Raed Sweilem and Omar Tafesh detained 5/30/2024.
Town reported invaded by Israeli forces, "flying" checkpoint erected 5/30/2024
Homes searched by Israeli forces & a vehicle belonging to Ibrahim Burgan reported destroyed 5/30/2024.
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