Army Executes 7 Palestinians, Injures 15, in Jenin

02:30 May 21 2024 Jenin (جنين)

Dr. Aseed Kamal Jabareen, Mahmoud Amjad Hamadna, 15, Allam Jaradat,
Osama Mohammad Naeem Hujair, 16, Muammar Mohammad Deeb Abu Amira, 50, Amir Issam Mohammad Abu Amira, 22, and Bassem Mahmoud Saleh Turkman, 53. ([not necessarily in order displayed] Published by IMEMC News

A palestinian boy who was wounded by gunfire while riding his bike in the West Bank city of Jenin, on Tuesday morning. Published by Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
May 21, 2024

Israeli forces killed, on Monday morning, seven Palestinians, including two children, a doctor, and a teacher, and injured at least fifteen others, including two seriously, in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that a large army force, accompanied by a D-9 military bulldozer, front-end loaders, and excavators stormed the city of Jenin and its camp on Tuesday morning, from several axes, while reinforcements arrived at a later time; this is an ongoing situation.

A large number of military vehicles stormed the city from several directions, on Tuesday morning, while sharpshooters and undercover units were deployed, amid the overhead flight of reconnaissance drones, triggering protests among local Palestinian resistance fighters.
Exchanges of fire between resistance fighters and the army were said to be concentrated in the Jenin refugee camp and Wadi Burqin to the west of the city, while fighters also targeted the army’s heavy machinery with crude explosive devices.

The Arab 48 news website quoted the Ministry of Health which announced that seven Palestinians were killed and 15 others were injured, including two who continue to be in serious condition.

According to Wissam Bakr, the director of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, occupation forces shot and killed Dr. Aseed Kamal Jabareen, 51, a general surgery specialist at Jenin Hospital, targeting him in the vicinity of the hospital.

Soldiers killed the teacher, Allam Jaradat, 48, a former prisoner, who was on his way to work at the Walid Abu Muwais Basic School for Boys.

Two children, identified as Mahmoud Amjad Hamadna, 15, and Osama Mohammad Naeem Hujair, 16, were also shot and killed during the massive military incursion into the city and its camp.

Three more citizens, identified as Muammar Mohammad Deeb Abu Amira, 50, Amir Issam Mohammad Abu Amira, 22, and Bassem Mahmoud Saleh Turkman, 53, were also shot and killed by Israeli forces.

It is important to mention that Turkman is the brother of two slain young men, Mohammad, who was killed during the Israeli military invasion of the Jenin refugee camp in 2002, and Lotfi, who was killed during the first Intifada (uprising) which occurred between 1987 and 1993.

Meanwhile, occupation forces opened fire directly on the location where journalists gathered to cover the events, while Israeli sharpshooters shot Palestinian journalist, Amr Manasra, when they opened fire on everything that moved near the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Hospital.

Manasra was shot and injured by bullet fragments in the lower back, and his condition was described as stable.

It was added that a Palestinian paramedic was also shot and injured when occupation forces opened fire with live rounds, targeting an ambulance in the Jenin camp.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) ambulance crews reported that students were among the injured in Jenin, while the occupation army blocked them from reaching them.

Arab 48 quoted the director of ambulance and emergency services at the PRCS in Jenin said, “Our crews dealt with many casualties in Jenin, most of which were school students.”

According to Mustafa Hamarsheh, the medical director at Jenin Hospital, said that the number of medical staff is insufficient to deal with the large number of injuries, and that the army prevented ambulances from reaching the injured, in addition to blocking the entry of injured citizens and medical staff into hospitals.

Later it was reported that heavy machinery demolished a Palestinian-owned home in the Jenin camp, while bulldozers destroyed vital infrastructure in the vicinity of the Jenin Governmental Hospital.

The wife of the administrative detainee, Hani Barakat, and mother of the slain, Ahmad Barakat, stated that Israeli forces demolished their 280 square meter, two-storey home, shelter for 10 inhabitants, without any warning, denying its residents the ability of removing their belongings.

Media sources said that Ahmad Barakat was killed on March 20, 2024 along with three others, when an Israeli drone fired a missile at them near the camp.

Seven Palestinians, Including Teen Riding Bicycle, Killed in Israeli Army Raid in Jenin, West Bank

The Israeli army said that it had started a counter-terrorism operation in Jenin, and that it had identified at least 15 wounded militants. Islamic Jihad announced that its operatives are taking part in the fighting

by Jack Khoury, Bar Peleg, Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that seven people were killed and nine others wounded, including two seriously, during an Israeli forces raid in Jenin on Tuesday.

The IDF said that it had started a counter-terrorism operation in Jenin, and that the army had identified at least 15 wounded militants in the area. Islamic Jihad said that its operatives are part of the fighting in the city and the Jenin refugee camp.

According to local sources, among the dead is a senior doctor at the government hospital in Jenin, Aseed Jabareen, who was hit while on his way to work.

Local sources also reported that a local teacher, Allam Jaradat, was killed by gunfire while in his car. A boy who was riding a bicycle was reportedly also killed by gunfire. The IDF is looking into these reports.

According to testimonies in Jenin, special Israeli forces entered the city on Tuesday morning in disguise. They were exposed and a heavy exchange of fire began between them and local militants.

Later, additional Israeli forces entered Jenin, including dozens of combat soldiers, using armored vehicles, including a D9 bulldozer, and the exchange of fire continues.

The Palestinian Health Ministry issued an official statement mourning the death of Dr. Aseed Jabareen, who had been wounded on his way to work. The ministry said that Jabareen, 50, was a surgery specialist and had been working in the Palestinian health system for 17 years. "This is yet another crime that Israel is committing against medical personnel in the West Bank and Gaza," the ministry said.

According to the health ministry in Ramallah, the additional people that were killed are Basam Turkman, 53, Moamar Abu Amira, 50, Alam Jaradath, 48, Amir Abu Amira, 22, Osama Hajir, 16, and Mohammad Mhadana, 15.

A director of the government hospital in Jenin in the West Bank said that the number of wounded people in clashes with Israeli forces is constantly increasing, and that there are casualties in the area that medical teams are struggling to reach. One of the wounded is a photojournalist who was hit by gunfire while covering the events.
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