Israeli Army Abducts 17 Palestinians in Bethlehem, Hebron

03:00 May 12 2024 Beit Fajjar (بيت فجار), Umm Salamuna (أم سلمونة), Al-Ma'sara (المعصرة), Doha (ضاحية, Dawha), Marah Rabah (مراح رباح), Al-Arroub refugee camp (مخيم العروب لاجئين) and Hebron city (الخليل)

Israeli Army Abducts 17 Palestinians in Bethlehem, Hebron
Scene in Hebron. Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
May 13, 2024

Israeli forces abducted, on Sunday, seventeen Palestinian citizens, including a father and son, in the southern West Bank governorates of Bethlehem and Hebron.

In the Bethlehem governorate, Israeli forces abducted, on Sunday morning, thirteen Palestinian citizens, after storming and searching their homes in several towns and villages of the governorate.

Media sources said that occupation soldiers abducted Anas Hilmi Taqatqa, 35, and Adham Faisal Taqatqa, 20, after invading their homes in the town of Beit Fajjar, southwest of Bethlehem.

In the village of Umm Salamuna, southwest of Bethlehem, the army broke into and searched the homes of Ali Ahmad Taqatqa, 30, Mahmoud Riyad Musa, 30, Malik Mohammad Salem, 25, and Nidal Ribhi Taqatqa, before abducting them.

Meanwhile, in the nearby village of Al-Ma’sara, south of Bethlehem, occupation forces abducted Ahmad Abdel Karim Zawahra, 53, after storming his home.

In the town of Doha, west of the city, Israeli soldiers invaded the home of Mohammad Fayez Ayesh, 29, before abducting him.

After breaking into and searching the homes of Muslim Khalil Qasim Al-Sheikh, 21, Mohammad Dhiyab Al-Sheikh, 20, Ibrahim Youssef Al-Sheikh, 20, Murad Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, 26, and Khaled Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, Israeli soldiers abducted them from their homes in Marah Rabah village, to the south.

Furthermore, the army abducted four Palestinian citizens, including a father and son, in addition to detaining and assaulting a young man in the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron.

On Sunday morning, occupation forces stormed many neighborhoods in the Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of the city, and abducted Abdel-Hay Jawabreh and Moataz Kamal Salem Jawabreh, after storming and ransacking their homes.

According to Amjad Al-Najjar, the director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), soldiers invaded and ransacked the home of Jawad Gholma in Hebron city, before abducting him and his son, Moatasem.

Media sources added that soldier detained and assaulted the young man, Suhaib Muhammad Mustafa Jawabreh in the city of Hebron.

In related news, Israeli forces abducted eight Palestinian citizens in the governorates of Qalqilia, Jenin, and Jericho, after storming their homes.

Anas Hilmi Taqatqa, Adham Faisal Taqatqa detained 5/12/2024
Ali Ahmad Taqatqa, Mahmoud Riyad Musa, Malik Mohammad Salem, and Nidal Ribhi Taqatqa detained 5/12/2024
Ahmad Abdel Karim Zawahra detained 5/12/2024
Mohammad Fayez Ayesh detained 5/12/2024
Muslim Khalil Qasim Al-Sheikh, Mohammad Dhiyab Al-Sheikh, Ibrahim Youssef Al-Sheikh, Murad Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, and Khaled Ibrahim Al-Sheikh detained 5/12/2024
Abdel-Hay Jawabreh and Moataz Kamal Salem Jawabreh detained 5/12/2024
Jawad Gholma, Moatasem Gholma, and Suhaib Muhammad Mustafa Jawabreh detained 5/12/2024
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