Israeli Army Abducts Fifteen Palestinians in the West Bank

12:00 May 6 2024 Military roadblock at Jericho (حاجز عسكري عند مدخل أريحا الجنوبي), Haris (حارس), Dheisheh ( الضهيشة لاجئين) & al-Fawwar refugee camps ( مخيم الفوار لاجئين) , Husan (حوسان), & Beit Ummar (بيت أمر).

Israeli Army Abducts Fifteen Palestinians in the West Bank
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by IMEMC News
May 7, 2024

On Monday, Israeli forces abducted several Palestinian citizens, including a former prisoner and a child, in various regions of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli forces abducted a Palestinian young man while he was passing through a military roadblock at the southern entrance of Jericho, in the northeastern part of the West Bank.

According to Eid Barahma, the director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) in Jericho, said that Israeli soldiers abducted Ahmed Nasser Khalil Abu Seif, a resident of the Ein al-Sultan camp.

In the central West Bank, occupation forces invaded the village of Hares, northwest of Salfit, and abducted two Palestinians including a child.

On Monday at dawn, Israeli forces invaded the village, stormed citizens’ homes, and abducted Talib Dhia Daoud, 20, and the child, Jamil Jaber, 17.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning, two more young men were abducted by Israeli forces after storming their homes in the southern West Bank governorate of Bethlehem.

South of Bethlehem, the army invaded the home of Abdullah Nayef Dawoud Salem, 34, in the Dheisheh refugee camp, before abducting him.

Soldiers abducted Khalil Ahmed Zaoul, 29, after breaking into and searching his father’s home in the village of Husan, west of Bethlehem.

Three more Palestinian young men were abducted after Israeli forces invaded many areas in the Hebron governorate, in the southern West Bank.

North of Hebron, occupation forces stormed several neighborhoods in Beit Ummar town, and abducted Muhammad Ali Issa Awad, 27, Malik Muhammad Khalil Al-Rubai, 25, and Majd Ahmed Shaaban Al-Hindi, 24, after soldiers invaded and ransacked their homes.

Media sources said that Muhammad Ali Issa Awad was recently released after spending 7 months held under Administrative Detention in Israeli prison.

South of the city, occupation forces invaded the home of Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Janazara, 26, in the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, before abducting him.

The statistics do not include those abducted in Tulkarem during a more than 20-hour incursion into the Tulkarem refugee camp.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society and the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority said in a joint statement that between Sunday evening and Monday morning, that occupation forces abducted at least fifteen citizens, including former prisoners.

Abductions were concentrated in the governorates of Hebron, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalqilia, Jericho, and Salfit.

The statement added that the total number of abductions since October 7, 2023 has risen to at least 8,590, including those abducted from their homes, at military roadblocks, those who were coerced to surrender under pressure, and those who were held hostage.

Talib Dhia Daoud and Jamil Jaber detained 5/6/2024.
Abdullah Nayef Dawoud Salem detained 5/6/2024.
Khalil Ahmed Zaoul detained 5/6/2024.
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