Israeli Forces Abduct 25 Palestinians in the West Bank

12:00 May 9 2024 Atuf (عاطوف), Nablus (نابلس), Beit Fajjar (بيت فجار), al-Dawha (الضحى), Aida camp (مخيم عايدة), Al-Minya (المنيا), Battir (بتير), Za'atara (زعترة), Hebron (الخليل), Halhul (حلحول) & Sa'ir (الساعر)

Israeli Forces Abduct 25 Palestinians in the West Bank
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May 10, 2024

On Thursday, the Israeli army abducted 25 Palestinians in various regions of the occupied West Bank, including a woman and a former prisoner.

Israeli forces abducted, on Thursday afternoon, Ayham Walid Bani Odeh, 18, while he was passing through the village of Atuf, southeast of Tubas in the northeastern part of the West Bank.

Before dawn on Thursday, the army invaded the towns of Orif and Tal, south and southwest of Nablus in the northern West Bank, and stormed at least one home in Tal town.

At dawn Thursday, soldiers invaded several neighborhoods in the city of Nablus, and abducted the two brothers, Mahdi and Ahmed Abdel Rahim Maraqa, after storming and ransacking their home.

In the southern West Bank, occupation forces abducted eleven Palestinian young men in various regions in the Bethlehem governorate.

In Beit Fajjar town, southwest of Bethlehem, Israeli forces invaded and searched many homes before abducting Mahmoud Ali Diriyah, 22, Bashar Adeeb Thawabta, and the two brothers, Malik and Hussam Kamal Thawabta.

In addition, the army abducted Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Kar, 60, his two sons, Jihad and Thaer, and his grandson, Muhammad Imad al-Kar, 21, after storming his home in the town.

West of the city, soldiers abducted Muhammad Awad Abu Haniyeh, 35, and Muhammad Nader Soman, from the town of Doha, and Mahmoud Tayseer Al-Mashaykh, from the Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem.

On Thursday afternoon, media sources said that Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Al-Minya, south of Bethlehem, and conducted a search campaign targeting several citizens’ homes.

Soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes while assaulting their residents, including that of the head of the village council, Zayed Kawazbeh, in addition to the homes of his three brothers.

It was added that occupation forces broke into and ransacked the home of the young man, Wael Saadi Kawazbeh, 35, before abducting him.

Soldiers occupied rooftops, fired tear gas canisters and concussion grenades, and stole approximately 11,000 shekels from the home of one citizen.

Meanwhile, in the town of Battir, west of Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers invaded and searched the family home of the two brothers, Rabhi and Ahmed Alaa Abu Nimah, 21, before abducting them.

Furthermore, Israeli forces, on Thursday night, abducted a Palestinian woman in the town of Za’atara, southeast of Bethlehem.

Media sources said that occupation forces stormed and searched the home of Sabreen Eid Abu Amriya, 30, before abducting her.

Before dawn on Thursday, occupation forces invaded the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and the nearby towns of Beit Ummar and Halhul to the north.

Media sources said that the many army vehicles stormed the city of Hebron, while soldiers invaded and ransacked the homes of Nidal Abu Sneineh and Yazid al-Nashah, before abducting them.

In Halhul town, soldiers abducted the former prisoner, Yasser Zama’ra, after breaking into and ransacking his home.

Soldiers also stormed Beit Ummar town, and deployed around citizens’ homes in the “Al-Dhahr” area.

Later it was reported that the army abducted Sharif Abu Hadid, Ayed Hazem Al-Haymouni from the city of Hebron, after storming and searching their homes.

Soldiers invaded the homes of Riyad Sami Jaradat in Sa’ir town, southeast of Hebron, and Amid Muhammad Ali Al-Qashqish, in Halhul town, before abducting them.

Ayham Walid Bani Odeh detained 5/9/2024
Mahdi and Ahmed Abdel Rahim Maraqa detained 5/9/2024
Mahmoud Ali Diriyah, Bashar Adeeb Thawabta, Malik Thawabta, and Hussam Kamal Thawabta detained 5/9/2024
Muhammad Nader Soman detained 5/9/2024
Mahmoud Tayseer Al-Mashaykh detained 5/9/2024
Wael Saadi Kawazbeh detained 5/9/2024
Rabhi and Ahmed Alaa Abu Nimah detained 5/9/2024
Sabreen Eid Abu Amriya detained 5/9/2024
Nidal Abu Sneineh, Yazid al-Nashah, Sharif Abu Hadid, and Ayed Hazem Al-Haymouni detained 5/9/2024
Yasser Zama'ra and Amid Muhammad Ali Al-Qashqish detained 5/9/2024
Riyad Sami Jaradat detained 5/9/2024
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