Israeli Colonizers Attack Palestinians in the West Bank

12:00 May 5 2024 near Jerusalem's Old City ( البلدة القديمة הָעִיר הָעַתִּיקָה), al-Khader (الخضر), Kafr Ra'i (كفر راعي), Israel's Mevo Dotan settlement (מְבוֹא דּוֹתָן), northern Jordan Valley & Sarra (صرّه)

Israeli Colonizers Attack Palestinians in the West Bank
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by IMEMC News
May 6.2024

Illegal Israeli colonizers carried out, on Saturday and Sunday, a series of attacks against Palestinian citizens and their property in various regions of the occupied West Bank.

On Saturday evening, Israeli colonizers assaulted a 16-year-old Palestinian child in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

Media sources said that Adam Al-Rishq, 16, was out jogging near the Old City when Israeli settlers attacked him and shouted the racist chant, “Arab terrorist” at him.

The child’s father said that the attack occurred in front of occupation police, and that the colonists inflicted various bruises and injuries on his son before he was transported to hospital.

On Sunday evening, Israeli colonizers, under the full protection of the occupation forces, attacked Palestinian farmers near the town of Al-Khader, south of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.

According to Ahmad Salah, a local activist, illegal settlers invaded lands belonging to Palestinian citizens who were plowing their land, detained them, threatened them, and forced them to leave their land.

Salah added that the colonizers and army continued to detain the young man, Raafat Muhammad Salah, 33.

Later, in the northern occupied West Bank, Israeli colonizers from the illegal Mevo Dotan colony, built on expropriated lands, attacked Palestinian farmers, blocking their entry to their own lands in the town of Kafr Ra’i, southwest of Jenin.

Furthermore, colonizers attacked Palestinians in the Arab Mleihat Bedouin community, northwest of Jericho in the northern Jordan Valley.

According to Hassan Mleihat, the general supervisor of the “Al-Baidar” organization for defending the rights of Bedouins, colonists stormed the homes of Mohammad Suleiman Mleihat and Ali Ahmad Mleihat.

It is important to mention that Israeli authorities delivered demolition orders to eight Palestinian-owned homes and a sheep barn in the Arab Mleihat Bedouin community.

On Sunday night, a group of illegal colonizers hurled rocks at Palestinian-owned vehicles near the Sarra village intersection, west of Nablus in the northern West Bank.

Once again, on Sunday night, colonizers terrorized Palestinian citizens in the Arab Mleihat Bedouin community, northwest of Jericho in the northern Jordan Valley.

Hassan Mleihat said that colonizers, accompanied by agricultural vehicles invaded Palestinian-owned lands and caused panic among the citizens.

Adam Al-Rishq, 16, attacked by Israeli civilians 5/5/2024
Israeli settlers reported harassing Palestinian farmers. Raafat Muhammad Salah, 33, reported detained by Israeli forces 5/5/2024
Israeli settlers from Mevo Dotan reported blocking Palestinians entry to lands in Kafr Ra'i 5/5/2024
Israeli settlers reported blocking Palestinian access to the lands belonging to Kafr Ra'i 5/5/2024
Israeli forces demolish homes and barns of Mleihat Bedouin community 5/5/2024
Israeli settlers reported hurling rocks at Palestinian vehicles 5/5/2024
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