Israeli Army Abducts Nine Palestinians in Nablus and Bethlehem

12:00 Mar 7 2024 Nablus (نابلس), Balata refugee camp (مخيم بلاطة لاجئين), Jericho (أريحا), Al-Jab'a (الجبعة), Beit Ta'mir (بيت تعمر), Tuqu' (تقوع), and Beit Fajjar (بيت فجار)

Israeli Army Abducts Nine Palestinians in Nablus and Bethlehem
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March 7, 2024

Israeli forces abducted, on Thursday, another nine Palestinians young men, including siblings and a former prisoner in the Nablus and Bethlehem governorates, in the northern and southern West Bank.

In the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces assaulted five Palestinian young men during its incursion into the city of Tubas and the town of Tammoun.

Occupation forces invaded and searched the homes of former prisoner, Baraa Abd Shaltaf and Ayman Al-Masry, before abducting them, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Undercover Israeli agents (Musta’ribeen) infiltrated the city of Nablus, stormed a commercial store, and kidnapped Sami Abu Hamada, a resident of the Balata refugee camp.

At the entrance to the city of Jericho, in the northeastern part of the West Bank, Israeli forces assaulted a former prisoner, Firas Naeem Harb, 27, while he tried to pass through a military roadblock.

The young man sustained various bruises and was transported to hospital for medical treatment.

In the southern West Bank, Israeli soldiers invaded many homes in the Bethlehem governorate, and abducted the two brothers, Muhammad and Izzat Taha Abu Latifa, in the village of Al-Jab’a.

In the village of Beit Ta’mir, soldiers abducted Jihad Ali Suman, 28, and Nasser Talib Zawahra, 35.

The army abducted Dakhal Allah Habis Al-Amour, 31, in Tuqu’ town, and Younis Zaki Diriyah, 20, in Beit Fajjar town.

Baraa Abd Shaltaf and Ayman Al-Masry detained 3/7/2024.
israeli undercover agents reported abducting Sami Abu Hamada 3/7/2024
Firas Naeem Harb detained 3/7/2024.
Muhammad and Izzat Taha Abu Latifa detained 3/7/2024.
Jihad Ali Suman and Nasser Talib Zawahra detained 3/7/2024.
Dakhal Allah Habis Al-Amour detained 3/7/2024.
Younis Zaki Diriyah detained 3/7/2024.
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