Illegal Israeli Colonizers Cut 300 Grape Vines, Raze Land, Near Bethlehem

12:00 Feb 1 2024 Jericho governate (محافظة أريحا), Battir (بتير), and Khirbet Susiya (سوسية)

Illegal Israeli Colonizers Cut 300 Grape Vines, Raze Land, Near Bethlehem
Settlers & Soldiers. File? Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Feb 2, 2024

On Wednesday and Thursday, Israeli colonizers cut 300 grape vines, tried to run over a Palestinian citizen’s sheep, razed privately-owned land, and assaulted two children in various areas in the occupied West Bank.

In the Jordan Valley, a group of illegal Israeli colonizers invaded, on Thursday, the Al-Malihat Arab community, northwest of Jericho.

Media sources said that the colonists gathered on the Al-Marajat Road and attempted to run over a herd of sheep belonging to Suleiman Mleihat.

It is important to mention that Israeli settlers ran over and killed several of Mleihat’s sheep, on Wednesday, and stole others.

Meanwhile, illegal settlers uprooted 300 grape vines in Battir village, northwest of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.

Furthermore, colonizers invaded an area east of the village, under the protection of the Israeli army, and razed 5 dunams of land belonging to Ibrahim Khalil Abu Nimah.

On Wednesday, a group of armed Israeli colonizers assaulted two Palestinian children near the village of Susiya in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron in the southern West Bank.

Media sources said that settlers assaulted two fifteen-year-olds causing them to sustain bruises, and stole two horses belonging to a local citizens.

Israeli settler reported killing and stealing sheep of Suleiman Mleihat 1/31-2/1/2024
Israeli settlers reported uprooting 300 grape vines & razing 5 dunams of land belonging to Ibrahim Khalil Abu Nimah 2/1/2024
Israeli settlers reported assaulting two 15-year olds and stealing horses 2/1/2024
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