Haifa: Israeli Soldier Injured, Alleged Attacker Killed

10:30 Jan 29 2024 Haifa (חֵיפָה * حيفا) and Tamra (طمرة * טַמְרָה, תַמְרָה)

Haifa: Israeli Soldier Injured, Alleged Attacker Killed Haifa: Israeli Soldier Injured, Alleged Attacker Killed
Scene. Source: Jonathan Berim. Published by IMEMC News

Waseem Abu Al-Haija. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Jan 30, 2024

An Israeli soldier was seriously injured and the alleged attacker was shot, on Monday morning, in the city of Haifa in northern Israel.

Magen David Adom ambulance crews treated the injured soldier who sustained serious wounds to his legs after a car-ramming attack.

In a statement, occupation police said, “At 10:30 a.m. today, we received a report about a suspected operation, and when forces arrived at the scene, it was discovered that a Mazda vehicle had run over a soldier, and after that the driver got out of it, heading toward the entrance of the military base, carrying an axe.”

The statement added, “A soldier was present at the entrance to the base and ‘neutralized’ the attacker.”

Media sources said that the vehicle collided with the wall of the Marine Corps base, before the driver exited the vehicle and chased people while wielding an axe.

The army said that soldiers and an officer opened fire at the perpetrator, claiming that he was “neutralized” at the scene.

The alleged perpetrator was identified as Arab-Israeli, Waseem Abu Al-Haija, 28, who is a resident of the city of Tamra, northeast of Haifa in northern Israel.

According to Israeli sources, the young man was shot dead by an Israeli naval officer.

Later Israeli police forces surrounded the neighborhood where the young man’s neighborhood, closed its perimeter, and prevented citizens’ movement.

Arab 48 correspondent, Enas Mreeh said that the police stormed the family’s home, searched and destroyed the property, and detained all the family members for interrogation.

An Arab-Israeli, Waseem Abu Al-Haija, from Tamra, killed after injuring an Israeli soldier in a car ramming attack in Haifa 1/29/2024
An Arab-Israeli, Waseem Abu Al-Haija, killed after seriously injuring an Israeli soldier in a car ramming attack 1/29/2024
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