Israeli Forces Destroy Ponds, Wells, Land near Hebron

12:00 Apr 16 2012 al-Majnouna, south of Hebron

HEBRON, April 16, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Monday razed two ponds used for collecting rain water, demolished three water wells, razed agricultural land and destroyed farming equipment in al-Majnouna area, south of Hebron, according to local sources.

They said Israeli soldiers, police and officials from the civil administration, the military government’s arm in the West Bank, brought bulldozers and other heavy machinery to destroy the ponds and wells the farmers use to water their fields and then razed agricultural land.

The ponds were repeatedly destroyed by Israeli forces in the past few years.

Landowner Kamal Amro told WAFA Israeli forces razed two dunums of agricultural land planted with vegetables, as well as demolished three water wells, some of which date back to the Roman period and were renovated only few years ago.

Local people said Israel wants to push them out of their land in order to take it over to expand a military camp and settlements.



Israeli forces destroy Hebron structures, settlers erect tent

HEBRON (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces on Monday demolished irrigation pools and terracing walls, leveling agricultural lands in the southern West Bank, residents told Ma'an.

Settlers also erected a tent near an illegal settlement south of Hebron, which locals fear is the first step to a new outpost in the area.

Dura resident Kamal Amr told Ma'an Israeli forces bulldozed a field of 2,000 square meters planted with broad beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and cauliflowers. The land belongs to Talab Abdul-Majid Amr and his brothers Abdul-Aziz, Hasan and Hussein, he said.

The Israeli civil administration officer accompanying troops said the irrigation pools were built without an Israeli permit. Agricultural equipment and irrigation networks were also damaged in the demolition in the Al-Majnouna area.

Palestinians can only build on one percent of the Israeli-controlled zone Area C, most of which is already built up, while settlements continue to expand in the same zone, the UN says.

Also on Monday, settlers set up camp on Palestinian land belonging to Abu Sabha family near the Israeli settlement Maon. Residents told Ma'an they are concerned the tent will be made into a new settler outpost.
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