Israeli Army Assassinates a Palestinian Man Near Jenin

12:00 Jan 25 2024 Bir al-Basha (بئر الباشا)

Israeli Army Assassinates a Palestinian Man Near Jenin
Wisam Walid Khashan. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Jan 25, 2024

Israeli forces executed, on Thursday, a Palestinian young man in the village of Be’er Al-Basha southwest of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that undercover Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Be’er Al-Basha, with the support of military reinforcements.

The army besieged the home of former political prisoner, Wisam Walid Khashan, 24, and opened fire at the young man, shooting him at point blank range.

Later, local Palestinians found the young man’s body near his home; the nature of his wounds was not known at the time of this report.

During the military incursion, Israeli forces shot the young man’s brother, Mohammed with live rounds and abducted his brother, Ahmad, who is also a former prisoner.

It was added that soldiers stormed his home next to the Khashan home, and allowed their dogs to attack the child, Majd Tariq Turkman, 17, tearing his clothing.

Palestine TV reported that armed resistance fighters exchanged fire with the invading army.

A large army force stormed, before dawn Thursday, the city of Jenin, abducted at least eleven Palestinians and destroyed infrastructure.
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