Israeli Army Abducted 6255 Palestinians Between October 7 And December 31

12:00 Jan 25 2024 Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPT) الأراضي الفلسطينية : West Bank

Israeli Army Abducted 6255 Palestinians Between October 7 And December 31
Prisoner illustration. Source: Al Ray Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Jan 25, 2024

Various Palestinian committees that defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons issued a joint report revealing that Israeli soldiers have abducted more than 6255 Palestinians from various parts of the occupied West Bank between October 7, 2023 [and December 31].

The committees stated that among the 6255 abducted Palestinians in the reported timeframe were 210 women and 355 children and added that most of the abductees were taken prisoner after the soldiers stormed and ransacked their homes, in addition to many who were taken at military roadblocks and others who turned themselves to the army after the soldiers took members of their families hostage.

They added that the army abducted 50 journalists, including 35 who remain imprisoned; among them are 20 who are held under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial.

They also said that Israeli military courts issued 2990 new and renewed Administrative Detention orders against the Palestinian detainees, including those who have been held before October 7, 2023, holding them captive without charges or trial, and added that Israel is also holding dozens of detainees without providing any information about their fate or location of imprisonment.

The committees stated that the detainees are subject to daily serious violations, including torture and threats to abduct and harm their families, in addition to the massive destruction caused to their homes when the soldiers broke into them.

The invasions and violations include confiscating cars, cash, jewelry, mobile phones, computers and laptops, and various other belongings of the detainees and their families, in addition to the massive destruction of infrastructure in the invaded cities, towns, and refugee camps, especially in Tulkarem and Jenin.

Furthermore, seven Palestinian detainees died in Israeli prisons due to abuse and torture and the lack of medical attention.

They have been identified as Omar Daraghma from Tubas, Arafat Hamdan from Ramallah, Majed Zaqqoul from Gaza, a fourth Gazan detainee who remained unidentified, Abdul-Rahman Mer’ey from Salfit, Tha’er Abu Assab from Qalqilia and Abdul-Rahman Al-Bahsh from Nablus.

By December 31, the number of Palestinian detainees was at least 8800, held in various prisons, detention centers, and interrogation facilities, among them more than 3290 who were held under Administrative Detention orders and 661 from Gaza who were classified as “unlawful combatants.”
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