Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian-Jordanian Child In Jericho

12:00 Jan 14 2024 Ein al-Sultan refugee camp (مخيّم عين سلطان)

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian-Jordanian Child In Jericho
Lu’ay Majed Salem Soufi, 16. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Jan 14, 2024

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian-Jordanian child in the Ein Al-Sultan refugee camp north of Jericho city in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank. He came from Jordan, his first ever visit to Palestine, to attend his sister’s wedding.

Medical sources at the Jericho Governmental Hospital have confirmed that the soldier shot the child, Lu’ay Majed Salem Soufi, 16, with a live round in the chest, causing a profoundly serious injury.

They added that the child was rushed to the medical facility and was admitted to surgery but succumbed to his serious wounds.

It is worth mentioning that the slain child came from Jordan just a few days earlier to attend his sister’s wedding and was in front of a relative’s home in the refugee camp when the soldiers shot him.

This was his first time in Palestine, and he was killed shortly after he left a hair salon and after he bought a suit to wear to his sister’s wedding, which was planned for next Friday, January 19.

The slain child, a Jordanian National, was born in Amman – Jordan in the year 2007 and came to the West Bank with his family for his sister’s wedding.

He was shot after many Israeli military vehicles, including armored bulldozers, invaded the refugee camp, leading to protests, and indiscriminately fired barrages of live rounds, in addition to gas bombs, concussion grenades, and rubber-coated steel bullets.

The invading soldiers also stormed and violently searched several homes, causing damage, and abducted a young man, Qussai Abu Sharar, from his home.

Originally from Be’er As-Sabe’, the family of the slain child was displaced from historic Palestine in 1948, upon the creation of Israel in Palestine, ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians, and the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages and towns.
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