Israeli Forces Kill a Palestinian Child, Bomb Two Homes, in Jenin

12:00 Dec 14 2023 Jenin (جنين) and Jenin refugee camp ( مخيّم جنين )

Israeli Forces Kill a Palestinian Child, Bomb Two Homes, in Jenin Israeli Forces Kill a Palestinian Child, Bomb Two Homes, in Jenin Israeli Forces Kill a Palestinian Child, Bomb Two Homes, in Jenin
Mousa Ahmed Musa Khatib, 17. Published by IMEMC News

Funeral Prayer, Jenin. Published by IMEMC News

Detained prisoners in front of Government Hospital forced to strip by Israeli forces. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Dec 15, 2023

Israeli forces shot and killed, on Thursday, a 17-year-old Palestinian child, bombed two homes, and shot a young man in the back during its three-day incursion into the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

On Thursday, Israeli occupation forces shot a Palestinian child with a live round in the chest while he was in front of Jenin Governmental Hospital.

The Ministry of Health announced, on Thursday afternoon, that the child, Mousa Ahmed Musa Khatib, 17, had succumbed to the critical gunshot wounds he sustained earlier in the day.

Thousands of citizens of Jenin gathered, on Thursday evening, in front of the Jenin Governmental Hospital to mourn the bodies of the eleven Palestinians killed by the Israeli forces over the last three days.

The crowds of mourners carried the slain men and children on their shoulders while they marched through the streets of the city of Jenin.

The bodies were brought to the homes of their families for loved ones to say their final goodbyes, before the funeral prayer was performed for them in the Grand Mosque of Jenin.

Finally, the eleven slain men and children were laid to rest in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in the eastern neighborhood of the city.

The identities of all the slain Palestinians from the latest aggression against the city and its camp are as follows;

1. Ayoub Muhammad Saleh Jalamna, 27,

2. Rashad Muhammad Turkman, 18,

3. Fouad Imad Abahra, 36,

4. Ahmed Jamal Abu Zina, 27,

5. Bashar Haitham Abu Zaid, 10,

6. Qassam Bassem Zidan, 29,

7. Rafiq Muhammad Omar Dabbous,

8. Mahmoud Saleh Abu Srour, 33,

9. Bakr Siddiq Zakarna,

10. Thaer Shadi Abu Al-Teen.

11. Musa Ahmed Musa Khatib, 17.

Also on Thursday, Israeli forces evacuated the home of Palestinian detainee, Tamer Maher Al-Zarini, in the Jenin refugee camp, before an armed drone fired missiles at it, while soldiers also fired “Energa” missiles.

Meanwhile, soldiers detonated explosive devices inside the home of the slain young man, Nidal Khazem, in addition to the home of his uncle, Fathi Khazem Abu Raad, inside the camp.

The army continued to besiege the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital and search ambulances, and in a cruel act of humiliation, detained Palestinian young men in front of the building, and forced them to take off their clothes.

Soldiers continued to invaded and search Palestinian-owned homes in the city before withdrawing after the three day incursion.

On Thursday afternoon Palestinian youths protested the brutal incursion into the city, while soldiers fired live rounds and tear gas canisters at them, while resistance fighters exchanged fire with the army.

Israeli forces shot a Palestinian young man in the lower back with live rounds, while dozens more suffered the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

The homes of slain Nidal Khazem and his uncle, Fathi Khazem Abu Raad, destroyed by Israeli forces 12/14/2023
Detained Palestinian men forces to strip, lined up in front of hospital, 12/14/2023
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