Updated: Three Israelis, Two Palestinian Siblings, Killed in Jerusalem

12:00 Nov 30 2023 East Jerusalem ( القدس الشرقية מִזְרַח יְרוּשָׁלַיִם)

Updated: Three Israelis, Two Palestinian Siblings, Killed in Jerusalem Updated: Three Israelis, Two Palestinian Siblings, Killed in Jerusalem
Scene. Screenshot. Published by IMEMC News

The scene of the attack in Jerusalem, Thursday. Credit: Olivier Fitoussi Published by Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
Nov 30, 2023

Updated: Israeli sources reported Thursday morning that two Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem opened fire at a bus stop of Israeli colonizers, killing three and wounding several others, before they were shot by Israeli police and paramilitary colonizers who were on the street at the time, killing both of the alleged assailants at the scene.

Two of the killed Israelis have not yet been identified, although Israeli sources report that one of the Israelis killed is a 24-year-old woman, and one a 70-year-old man, and at least 11 people have been injured in a shooting attack at a bus stop near the entrance to Jerusalem, Israeli Ynet News said.

Israeli Ynet news said Elimelech Vaserman, a judge in the Ashdod Rabbinical Court, was officially identified as one of those killed in the shooting attack near Jerusalem, Israeli officials confirmed Thursday.

The two slain Palestinians have been identified as Morad Nimir, 38, and Ibrahim Nimir, 30, from Sur Baher town, south of occupied Jerusalem.

After the incident, dozens of soldiers invaded the homes of the Palestinian siblings, ransacked the properties, and assaulted their families before abducting a family member.

It is worth mentioning that Morad is a former political prisoner who was held by Israel for ten years.

In addition, the Israeli army closed the Qalandia terminal, north of Jerusalem, and imposed severe restrictions on Jaba’ military roadblock, Hizma roadblock and Al-Ezariya roadblock, in addition to closing all roads leading to Sur Baher town.

Jack Lew, the US Ambassador to Israel, immediately condemned the attack, stating, “A despicable attack in Jerusalem this morning. We unequivocally condemn such brutal violence. My thoughts are with the victim’s family, and I send my condolences to all those affected”.

Lew has yet to condemn the 15,000, including 6,000 children confirmed killed by Israeli forces during and the more than 36000 injured Palestinians, mainly women and children, the 50-day-long bombardment of Gaza.

A security camera which captured the moment of the attack shows the two Palestinian men attempting to run away, with one shot by the door of a car that he is apparently trying to get into in order to escape. The second man is shot while on his knees with his hands up in what appears to be an attempt to surrender.

The deaths of the three Israelis and two Palestinians come in the sixth day of a truce in Gaza, during which hostage exchanges have been taking place each day between the Palestinians in Gaza, who were holding an estimated 240 Israelis captive, and over 5,000 Palestinians who are being held in Israeli detention facilities – many of them without charges or even lawyers for months and years.

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian young man, Fadi Mu’ayyad Badran, 21, and injured four others in Betunia town west of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank.

On Wednesday, the army killed four Palestinians, including two children, after a prolonged military attack against the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

Beginning on October 7, 2023, Israel bombarded all areas of the besieged Gaza Strip, killing at least 15,000 Palestinians, including 6,150 children and 4,000 women, in addition to injuring at least 36,000 people. After ceasefire came into effects, corpses of hundreds of Palestinians were found in streets, under rubble of homes and buildings, in and around hospitals, and in various areas across the devastated Gaza Strip.

First Published on: Nov 30, 2023, at 09:58

Israeli Soldier Who Killed Civilian During Response to Terror Attack: We Shot Until They Fell

An Israeli civilian's death is under investigation by the Shin Bet, police, and Military Police. The soldier who shot him told TV interviewers that 'every soldier is dying to check the box'

by Nir Hasson and Yael Freidson for Haaretz
Dec 1, 2023 6:45 pm IST

A soldier who fatally shot a civilian begging for his life during the response to a terror attack in Jerusalem on Thursday said that he and other troops had shot until they were sure the suspects were dead. Interviewed by Channel 14 and asked whether they had engaged in a “dead check,” the soldier said, “Yes, we fired until they fell.”

He added, “It was a lot of luck. I was in the right place at the right time. Every IDF soldier is dying to check the box.” Three Israelis were killed by two terrorists, brothers from East Jerusalem, in the attack at a bus stop. Both attackers were killed.

After the military said the incident was being investigated by the Shin Bet and Israel Police, it also announced that the Military Police were investigating.

Yuval Doron Castleman, a 38-year-old from Mevasseret Zion, was the first to fire at the terrorists. One of the soldiers who got to the scene immediately afterward thought he was one of the attackers and shot him as he raised his hands. Video from the incident shows Castleman posed no threat. One of the two other soldiers who were also at the scene was wounded by “friendly fire.”

Videos posted on social media show Castleman throwing his gun to the ground, raising his hands, taking off his jacket, and pleading with the soldiers not to shoot. He is then shot in the stomach. Security forces initially responding to the attack assumed he was a terrorist and gave him no assistance. He was initially listed as critically wounded and later pronounced dead.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, in which three other people were also killed: Livia Dickman, 24; Hanna Ifergan, 67; and Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, 73. Five people were wounded, one of them seriously and three moderately.

Castleman’s brother, Shaked, told Channel 13 on Friday that the family was only informed about him being wounded hours after he was shot. “Over the course of the day, we discovered he had been taken to Shaare Zedek [Medical Center in Jerusalem],” he said. “He arrived without any belongings and was unidentified until 4 or 5 P.M. when they identified him through a fingerprint and contacted us. We’re still waiting to hear all the details from the police and Military Police. I’ll just say, as a reservist myself, that we’re in such a tense period and that personal responsibility regarding firearms has to be very strong in order to prevent incidents like this.”

“There was a terrorist there,” the soldier told right-wing commentator Yinon Magal on Channel 14’s flagship program The Patriots. “We shot him, another soldier and I. He’s also a hero. He took a bullet to the hand. He’s from the Golani commando brigade. Someone shouted, ‘Terrorist, shooting.’ It was behind us at first, so we didn’t exactly get what was happening. We lay on the ground. We walked behind the bus stop. We went really close together without speaking, we had some kind of chemistry. And then we went and both shot him together. Maybe it was actually his check mark.”

Right-wing figures such as Religious Zionism lawmaker Zvi Succot publicly praised the soldier on Thursday, sharing his picture and name and calling him a hero. After it emerged that they had killed an innocent civilian, the laudatory posts were deleted.

The soldier said he had been active in the so-called hilltop youth, a movement of young, radical settlers who have for years founded and lived in unauthorized outposts in the West Bank. “I was in the hills and farms, and in favor of settling the Land of Israel,” he said. “I was very active. Not bragging, but I do come from that mainstream.”

Livia Dickman, Hanna Ifergan, & Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, killed by Palestinians; Morad Nimir, Ibrahim Nimir &Yuval Doron Castleman killed by Israeli forces 11/30/2023
All roads leading to Sur Baher reported closed 11/30/2023
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