Father Hanna Calls For Solidarity, Ending Aggression And Suffering

12:00 Nov 27 2023 Bethlehem ( بيت لحم )

Father Hanna Calls For Solidarity, Ending Aggression And Suffering
Archbishop Atallah Hanna

by IMEMC News
Nov 27, 2023

Christians in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and all parts of occupied Palestine have decided that Christmas this year will only focus on the religious aspect of this important advent in Christian and world history, the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, in occupied Palestine.

The IMEMC, and after seeing how some people and certain groups started spreading misinformation about the “cancellation of Christmas” in Bethlehem, or the specific allegations that “Hamas canceled Christmas,” decided to run an article about this false narrative based on prejudice and even hatred against the Palestinians.

Archbishop Atallah Hanna of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem told the IMEMC that Christian Churches in Palestine, especially in Jerusalem, decided to cancel all festivities and celebratory events and only focus on prayers and worship in the Nativity Church in Bethlehem and all other churches in Palestine, especially Christmas eve mass which will be held just like it was held every year before.

“This is a rational and just decision and opinion of the heads of churches in every part of Palestine: we cannot ignore the pain, the suffering, and everything the Palestinians are subjected to in Gaza,” he added, “But this is also a message to all churches, all spiritual leaders and every human being, that not only we must act and end the war permanently, but we also need a united Christian voice in the world, defending the Palestinian people, demanding justice and human rights for all…”

“The absence of justice in this world cannot and should not continue; our Palestinian people, and just like any nation and all people in the world, deserve to enjoy a good life, enjoying a just and lasting peace. The human life is a precious gift, and our people should never be forced to remain under this injustice and oppression.”

“This is our message to the world; this is our solidarity message with our people in the devastated and destroyed Gaza Strip,” Father Hanna said, “We are praying for achieving justice that has been eluding the holy land.”

“We are sending this message to all churches in the world to act on ending this aggression on our people,” he added, “We must all act and end the offensive; we must all stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause.”

“What happened in Gaza is a direct result of the failure of the international community to resolve the conflict and ensure justice,” Father Hanna added, “We have been fed lots of words and speeches about justice, equality and human rights, and yet, we continued to suffer, to be annihilated, however, many in the world are starting to see the truth and realize what we are going through, and the constant suffering.”

Father Hanna told the IMEMC that the churches hope that this truce is a starting point for ending the war, the suffering, and injustice.

“Nobody wishes to see a repetition of these horrific scenes and the unimaginable suffering,” he stated, “Our people in Gaza have nothing left, especially in this approaching cold winter, living unsheltered, without food or clean water, with only the ground as their beds and the open air as their blankets…”

Father Hanna also said that he hopes that world leaders with start to act and listen to the just and legitimate demands of the Palestinian people.

“We hope this war is the last, and we pray for practical and responsible measures to achieve the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people. We know there are some who are acting on eliminating the basic rights of the Palestinian people, but we also know our people are steadfast, and we aspire a fair resolution to the conflict based on justice and liberty. The Palestinians have suffered long enough, so many Nakbas, displacement, aggressions, wars, and injustice; it is time for them to leave in peace, in their independent state”.
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