Soldiers Kill A Doctor, Injure His Brother, Near Jenin

06:00 Nov 25 2023 Qabatia (Qabatiya, قباطية ) and Ein al-Beida (عين البيضا), Qalqilia (قلقيلية), Hebron (الخليل) and Arranah (عرّانه)

Soldiers Kill A Doctor, Injure His Brother, Near Jenin
Dr. Shamekh Kamal Abu Ar-Rob, 25. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Nov 25, 2023

On Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded Qabatia town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, leading to protests, before killing a Palestinian doctor and wounding his brother and another young man.

Media sources said undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrated the town and surrounded a home near the local school for girls before several military jeeps invaded the town, before the soldiers stormed and ransacked homes, leading to protests.

Fawwaz Hammad, the director of the Ar-Razi Hospital in Jenin, said the soldiers killed Dr. Shamekh Kamal Abu Ar-Rob, 25, after shooting him in the abdomen and shot his brother, Mohammad, in the leg and another young man in the thigh.

The slain doctor and his brother, the sons of the acting governor of Jenin, Kamal Abu Ar-Ron, were leaving their home when the soldiers shot them.

The soldiers also surrounded a home in the town and threatened to bomb it before a young man, Tareq Ziad Abu Ar-Rob, whom the soldiers wanted to take prisoner, was abducted and taken to an unknown destination.

In related news, the army invaded the Askar Al-Jadid and the Askar Al-Qadim refugee camps east of Nablus in the West Bank’s northern part before storming and ransacking several homes and abducting a several Palestinians.

During the invasion, the soldiers assaulted and injured a Palestinian, in addition to stopping and searching ambulances trying to reach the refugee camp.

Overnight, the soldiers abducted two Palestinians, Yazan Raed Foqaha and Ghaleb Nidal Foqaha, from Ein Al-Baida village in the Northern Plains and confiscated their car while crossing the Al-Hamra military roadblock.

The soldiers abducted Wisam Mahmoud Labat from his home in Qalqilia, in the northwestern West Bank, Armo Zidan Hassouna from Hebron in the southern West Bank, and Abdullah Abu Hanana from his home in Arrana village, northeast of Jenin.

Dr. Shamekh Kamal Abu Ar-Rob, 25, killed by Israeli forces and Tareq Ziad Abu Ar-Rob detained 11/25/2023
Yazan Raed Foqaha and Ghaleb Nidal Foqaha detained 11/25/2023
Abdullah Abu Hanana detained 11/25/2023
Wisam Mahmoud Labat detained 11/25/2023
Armo Zidan Hassouna detained 11/25/2023
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