Communication Cut from Gaza After Israeli Fliers Order Evacuation

12:00 Nov 17 2023 Khan Younis (خان يونس), Rafa (رفح), Jalabia refugee camp (مخيم جباليا للاجئين), Beit Lahia (بيت لاهيا), Gaza City (مدينة غزة), & Nuseirat refugee camp (مخيم النصيرات للاجئين)

Communication Cut from Gaza After Israeli Fliers Order Evacuation
Israeli flyer dropped on Khan Younis, Gaza. Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Nov 17, 2023

Israeli forces dropped fliers on Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, ordering residents — many of whom are evacuees from other parts of Gaza – to evacuate the area. But there are no shelters, nowhere for people to evacuate to. Following the flier drop, all communication was cut off between Gaza and the rest of the world.

In Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, at least 10 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli occupation bombing of a house in the Al-Qarara area in the east, and they were transferred to Nasser Hospital in the city.

The Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a residential apartment west of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. The occupation aircraft also launched violent raids on the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza City.

In northern Gaza, at least 11 Palestinian civilians were killed and many others were injured, Thursday evening, in a new bombing by the Israeli occupation forces in the already-decimated Jabalia camp.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a residential square in the Jabalia camp, which included homes for the Abu Al-Qumsan, Masoud, Al-Asali, Al-Talouli, Abu Dan, and Abu Dayer families, the Ajour bakery, and other nearby homes, resulting in a number of killed and wounded.

Video clips showed citizens and rescue crews trying to recover the bodies of the killed and the wounded trapped under the rubble of destroyed homes.

The occupation artillery also bombed “Ezbet Mallin” in Jabalia, resulting in a number of killed and wounded. At least three were killed in an Israeli raid targeting the Al-Faluja area in Jabalia Camp.

The Indonesian Hospital in the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip, announced the complete collapse of its health system, with a large number of wounded arriving at the hospital, and doctors unable to provide treatment to them. The occupation warplanes also launched raids in the vicinity of the hospital.

Three citizens were martyred and others were injured in a bombing that targeted homes on Al-Jalaa Street in Gaza City.

The occupation aircraft bombed a house for the Jabr family in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, resulting in a number of martyrs and wounded.

In a related context, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said that its ambulance crews are still besieged in the Arab National Hospital “Al-Baptist” in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City, coinciding with the sound of explosions and heavy gunfire in the vicinity of the hospital.

A number of killed and wounded are lying in the hospital courtyard, only about 30 meters away from the hospital, and ambulance crews were unable to reach them.

All hospitals in Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip area are now out of service as of Thursday evening, in light of the difficult circumstances witnessed by the “Al-Maamdani” Hospital in Gaza and the “Indonesian” Hospital in Beit Lahia, the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation forces on Al-Shifa Medical Complex, and the incursion of tanks.

The Gaza Strip has also become isolated from the outside world, with a complete interruption in fixed, mobile and Internet communications services, after the Israeli occupation army prevented the entry of fuel and the exhaustion of all backup energy sources to operate the main network elements.

The interruption of communications and the Internet adds great difficulties to the work of ambulance and rescue crews, journalists, and the media, as the massacres committed by the occupation continue in various parts of the Gaza Strip, the north, center, and south.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October has resulted in at least 11,500 martyrs, including more than 4,700 children and 3,155 women, while the number of wounded has reached 29,000.

10 Palestinians reported killed by Israeli bombing 11/17/2023
Residential apartment reported bombed by Israeli forces 11/17/2023
At least 11 Palestinian civilian reported killed by Israeli bombing 11/17/2023
The Indonesian Hospital announced collapse of its health facility 11/17/2023
Three Palestinians reported killed in targeted bombing of their homes 11/17/2023
The home of the Jabr family rported bombed by Israeli forces, resulting in wounded and killed, 11/17/2023
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