[Police attacked and arrested 18 demonstrators in Tel Aviv-Yaffa]

07:00 Nov 9 2023 Tel Aviv (תל־אביב-יפו , تل أبيب - يافا )-Yaffa

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Haggai Matar
Nov 9, 2023
Police state in Tel Aviv-Yaffa: police attacked and arrested 18 demonstrators in a quiet vigil against silencing of dissent. The Igor was a response to the arrest of several leaders of the ‘48 Palestinian community this morning, who were on their way to a small anti war vigil

Haggai Matar
Meanwhile, the police did approve a separate protest in Tel Aviv this evening, in which settlers are calling to ethnically cleansed Gaza and build Jewish settlements there
9:56 AM · Nov 9, 2023
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