Updated: Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians, Injure Four, In Jenin

20:00 Nov 2 2023 Jenin (جنين) and Jenin refugee camp ( مخيّم جنين )

Updated: Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinians, Injure Four, In Jenin
Suleiman Mohammad Staiti and Jihad Ibrahim Mustafa Naghnaghiya. Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Nov 3, 2023

On Thursday night, dozens of Israeli soldiers, accompanied by armored vehicles, invaded Jenin and Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, killed two Palestinians, and injured at least four.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Jihad Ibrahim Mustafa Naghnaghiya, 26, has succumbed to serious wounds he suffered when Israeli soldiers shot him in Jenin.

The Health Ministry also confirmed that the soldiers killed Suleiman Mohammad Staiti, 31, after shooting him with live fire.

It added that the army also shot five Palestinians, including Jihad, who succumbed to life-threatening wounds.

The invasion first began when undercover soldiers infiltrated Jenin and ambushed several Palestinians before dozens of armored military vehicles advanced into the city from various directions and surrounded the Jenin refugee camp.

The soldiers surrounded a home for the Hannoun family in the Al-Hadaf Street in Jenin, and shot a young man in the arm, before demanding all Palestinians in the home to leave it; the soldiers then fired several shells at the property.

Another Palestinian was injured after being rammed with an Israeli military vehicle in Jenin and was rushed to a hospital in the city.

Armored Israeli military bulldozers also destroyed two junctions, several streets and infrastructure, before more military vehicle invaded the area while armed drones flew overhead.

The invasion led to protests, especially in Al-Hadaf Street in Jenin and all areas around the Jenin refugee camp, before the soldiers fired a barrage of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades, killing Suleiman and wounding five Palestinians, one seriously.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said Suleiman and at least one Palestinian who was seriously injured were shot in the A-Hadaf Street.

It added that the soldiers attacked its medics and prevented them from reaching invaded areas in Jenin.

Palestinian resistance fighters exchanged fire with the invading Israeli military forces, while the Al-Quds Martyrs Brigades said its fighters managed to detonate an explosive charge near an armored military vehicle near the Jenin refugee camp.

On Thursday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians, including a child, and seriously wounded two, in Qalqilia, in the occupied West Bank’s northwestern part, and in Ramallah, in the central West Bank.

On Wednesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinians and injured many others, two seriously, in Jenin refugee camp, in Jenin in the occupied West Bank’s northern part.

Israel now has killed 135 Palestinians, including children, and injured hundreds in the occupied West Bank since the military offensive on Gaza began on October 7.

341 Palestinians have been killed, and thousands were injured by Israeli army and paramilitary colonizers in several parts of the West Bank since the beginning of this year.

In the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Health Ministry said Israeli missiles and shells killed 9601 Palestinians, including at least 3650 children and 2252 women, in the first 27 days of Israel’s onslaught on the coastal enclave. More than 32.000 Palestinians have been injured; hundreds suffered critical wounds.

The Israeli army dropped more than 18.000 tons of explosives on the Gaza Strip, with an estimated fifty tons of missiles and shells on each bloc.

At least 200.000 residential buildings and units have been destroyed by Israeli missiles, in addition to fifty-eight government-run facilities, forty-seven mosques, and three churches.

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