Israeli Colonizers Cut Olive Trees, Shoot Five Palestinians, Near Salfit

12:00 Oct 22 2023 Yasuf (ياسوف) and Israel's Nofei Nehemia (נופי נחמיה) settlement

Israeli Colonizers Cut Olive Trees, Shoot Five Palestinians, Near Salfit
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by IMEMC News
Oct 22, 2023

On Sunday, paramilitary Israeli colonizers cut at least seventy olive trees and shot five Palestinians in Yasuf village, east of Salfit, in the occupied West Bank’s central part.

Saleh Yassin, the head of Yasuf Village Council, said the colonizers cut at least seventy olive trees planted in Palestinian orchards between 50 and 70 years ago.

He added that the colonizers came from the illegal Nahmia colony and cut the olive trees in the Al-Harayeq area south of Yasuf.

Also in Yasuf, the colonizers fired live rounds at Palestinian farmers while picking their olive trees in the eastern area of Yasuf, wounding five and also damaging at least one car.

Yassin stated that the area is subject to constant Israeli violations, including when the colonizers recently uprooted ten dunams.

Israeli settlers from Nahmia reported shooting at Palestinians and cutting at least 70 trees 10/22/2023
Israeli settlers reported attacking Palestinians in Yasuf & destroying olive trees 10/22/2023
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