Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Ramallah

18:00 Sep 29 2023 near al-Biereh (Bireh, البيرة) and Israeli's Psagot (פְּסָגוֹת) settlement

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Ramallah
Mohammad Jibril Rommaneh, 18. Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Sep 30, 2023

On Friday night, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian and injured another after opening fire at their car near Al-Biereh city in the occupied West Bank’s central part.

The soldiers fired a barrage of live rounds at a Palestinian car near the illegal Psagot Israeli colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands in Jabal At-Tawil near Al-Biereh, and later took the two Palestinians to an Israeli medical center.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics rushed to the scene after the soldiers shot the two Palestinians, but the army did not allow them to approach them to provide essential first aid.

The Israeli army claimed its soldiers shot two Palestinians who “hurled Molotov cocktails at a military post near Psagot” and added that no soldiers were injured.

The Public Relations Department of the Health Ministry in Ramallah has confirmed that the soldiers fatally shot Mohammad Jibril Rommaneh, 18, and injured another young man, Mohammad Abu Rabea’, after opening fire at their car.

It added that Rommaneh succumbed to serious abdominal gunshot wounds at an Israeli medical center and stated that the other Palestinian suffered injuries to his lower limbs.

Rommana was from the Al-Am’ari refugee camp, south of Al-Biereh city, in the Ramallah and Al-Biereh Governorate.

After his death, dozens of Palestinians marched in front of his home in the refugee camp, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting for ongoing resistance until liberation and independence.

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