Eighteen Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Forces in the Occupied West Bank

12:00 Aug 28 2023 Aida (عايدة) & Balata refugee camps (مخيم بلاطة), Balata al-Balad (بلاطة البلد), Beita (بيتا), Beit Rima (بيت ريما), Arura (عرورة), Jerusalem (القدس), Abu Dis (أبو ديس), Bethlehem, Hebron, & Dura

Eighteen Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Forces in the Occupied West Bank
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Aug 28, 2023

Israeli forces abducted, on Monday, eighteen Palestinians from the governorates of Nablus, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron, in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

At dawn Monday, Israeli soldiers invaded a number of homes and abducted four Palestinian young men from the Nablus governorate, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Forces invaded the Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus, stormed the home of Ezz Marshoud, before abducting him.

Soldiers abducted two brothers, Makram and Tamer Naim Masoud from the Balata al-Balad suburb in the eastern part of Nablus.

South of Nablus, occupation forces invaded and searched the home of Kifah Anad Jagoub, in Beita town, before abducting him.

In the central West Bank, Israeli forces abducted four Palestinian young men from the Ramallah governorate.

Soldiers stormed the town of Beit Rima, northwest of the city, breaking into the homes of two brothers, Ayham, 25, and Ibrahim Abdel-Latif Al-Barghouti, 22, before abducting them.

Meanwhile, the army invaded the homes of two brothers, Abdel-Jawad and Ahmed Shehadeh Saleh, in Arura town, north of the city of Ramallah, before abducting them.

In occupied Jerusalem, soldiers abducted Mustafa Abu Ghazaleh after storming and searching his home in the Old City.

Israeli forces abducted another young man, identified as Khaled Halabiya, after storming his home in Abu Dis village, east of Jerusalem.

Additionally, an unidentified Palestinian whose vehicle was stopped by soldiers, was abducted between Hizma village and Jaba’ town, to the northeast.

In the southern part of the West Bank, Israeli forces abducted Yazan Atta al-Harimi and Mustafa Hijazi al-Nawawra from the city of Bethlehem.

Soldiers broke into and searched the homes of Juma al-Jujo, 41, and Talal al-Dibs, 19, in the Aida refugee camp, northwest of Bethlehem, before abducting them.

Furthermore, Israeli soldiers abducted Dhafer Al-Ja’bari and former prisoner Majed Miteb, after invading and searching his home in Hebron, in the southern occupied West Bank.

After assaulting the Palestinian young man, Saeb Fayez Al-Sweiti, Israeli forces abducted him in Dura city, southwest of Hebron.

Juma al-Jujo, 41, and Talal al-Dibs, 19, detained 8/28/2023
Ezz Marshoud detained 8/28/2023
Makram and Tamer Naim Masoud detained 8/28/2023
Kifah Anad Jagoub detained 8/28/2023
Ayham, 25, and Ibrahim Abdel-Latif Al-Barghouti, 22, detained 8/28/2023
Mustafa Abu Ghazaleh detained 8/28/2023
Khaled Halabiya detained 8/28/2023
Yazan Atta al-Harimi and Mustafa Hijazi al-Nawawra detained 8/28/2023
Dhafer Al-Ja’bari and Majed Miteb detained 8/28/2023
Saeb Fayez Al-Sweiti detained 8/28/2023
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