Israeli Forces Abduct 8 Palestinians, in the Occupied West Bank, 2 from Gaza

03:00 Aug 25 2023 Nabi Llyas (النبي الياس), Ni'lin (نعلين), Surda (صردا), Silwad (سلواد), Yatta (يطا), Beit Ummar (بيت اُمر), and Israel/Gaza (غزة)

Israeli Forces Abduct 8 Palestinians, in the Occupied West Bank, 2 from Gaza Israeli Forces Abduct 8 Palestinians, in the Occupied West Bank, 2 from Gaza
Scene in Ni'lin. Source: QNN Published by IMEMC News

Scene. File? Published by IMEMC News

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by IMEMC News
Aug 25, 2023

Israeli forces abducted, between Thursday night and Friday morning, eight Palestinians in various regions of the occupied West Bank, and two young men from Gaza, local sources reported.

On Thursday night, occupation forces abducted a Palestinian citizen of the Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus in the northern West Bank, while he attempted to pass through a flying military roadblock.

Sources said that the army abducted Zaher Abu Ayyash, while he was tried to pass a flying military roadblock near the village of Nabi Elias, east of Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the West Bank.

According to Palestine TV, soldiers also confiscated the young mans’s vehicle.

In the central West Bank, soldiers abducted, at dawn Friday, Salah al-Khawaja, from the town of Ni’lin, northwest of Ramallah, after invading and ransacking his home.

Soldiers also seized al-Khawaja’s private vehicle during the abduction.

It is important to mention that al-Khawaja is the father of Moataz al-Khawaja who was shot and killed on March 9, 2023, when he allegedly carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, north of Ramallah, undercover Israeli agents kidnapped an unidentified Palestinian young man from in front of a mosque, in the town of Surda.

In the town of Silwad, northeast of Ramallah, occupation forces abducted, at dawn Friday, two Palestinian young men, identified as Youssef Saed Hajar and Azzam Wasel Azzam.

Meanwhile, occupation forces stormed several neighborhoods in the Hebron governorate and abducted three young men after invading and searching their homes.

In Hebron, soldiers abducted Amir Omran Ribhi Burqan, from Yatta, south of the city, the army abducted Saed Jibrin Mahmoud Mur, and from Beit Ummar town, soldiers abducted Abdullah Issa Abu Hashem.

Furthermore, on Friday morning, the Israeli occupation forces abducted two unidentified Palestinian young men, who allegedly attempted to infiltrate Israel through the “security fence” between Gaza and Israel.

The army claimed, in a statement that they, “arrested two Palestinians, who tried to cross the border fence from the southern Gaza Strip towards the interior.”

The army added that the two young men were not in possession of any weapons, and both were transferred to an interrogation center.

Zaher Abu Ayyash detained 8/25/2023
Salah al-Khawaja detained 8/25/2023
One unidentified Palestinian detained 8/25/2023
Youssef Saed Hajar and Azzam Wasel Azzam detained 8/25/2023
Amir Omran Ribhi Burqan detained on 8/25/2023
Saed Jibrin Mahmoud Mur and Abdullah Issa Abu Hashem detained on 8/25/2023
Two unidentified Palestinians trying to enter from Gaza detained 8/25/2023
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