Hundreds Chant 'Death to Arabs' as Israelis Rally in Jerusalem

12:00 May 18 2023 Israel/Palestine (إسرائيل / فلسطين * ישראל פלשתינה) and Jerusalem (ירושלים‎ القُدس‎)

Hundreds Chant 'Death to Arabs' as Israelis Rally in Jerusalem Hundreds Chant 'Death to Arabs' as Israelis Rally in Jerusalem
Israeli gestures at Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, on Flay Day 2023. Credit: Ammar Awad/Reuters. Published by Haaretz

Jewish Marchers in Jerusalem's Flag March enter the Old City's Muslim Quarter via the Damascus Gate. Credit: RONEN ZVULUN/ REUTERS Published by Haaretz

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Updates by Haaretz

Aaron Rabinowitz
7:12 PM
Police: Two Jewish marchers detained for assaulting journalists; suspect found with knife
Israel's police issued a statement, saying that "Two individuals who participated in the march were apprehended by Jerusalem district police after allegedly throwing objects at journalists in the Damascus Gate area."

"The suspects, one adult and one minor, are currently being taken for questioning. During the search, a knife was discovered in the possession of the minor suspect. Authorities emphasize their serious stance against any attempts to harm journalists or any individuals," the police added.

Tamar Maare
6:59 PM
Dozens of Jews and Arabs protest Flag March in Jaffa
Dozens of Jews and Arabs are protesting against the Flag March in Jaffa, in a rally also devoted to the struggle against the eviction of the city's Arab residents from their homes at the Amidar public housing project.

Aaron Rabinowitz
6:45 PM
Haaretz reporter injured from stone throw, foreign and Arab journalists assaulted by Jewish marchers
Haaretz reporter Deiaa Haj Yahia was struck in the head by a stone thrown by participants in the procession near the Damascus Gate, the entrance to the Old City's Muslim Quarter.

Marchers also unleashed barrages of stones and bottles towards a group of foreign journalists, including Arab journalists. The attack left several journalists and photographers injured, with one sustaining a head injury, another struck in the back, and a third injured in the leg, leading them to vacate their positions for safety. On-site medical treatment was administered to the injured journalists and photographers.

The incidents took place in extensively documented areas of numerous police and municipal cameras.

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Dozens Of Israeli Colonizers, Soldiers And Police Officers, Storm Al-Aqsa

May 18, 2023

Dozens of fanatic illegal Israeli colonizers, including an extremist Member of Knesset, accompanied by soldiers and police officers, stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque after the army assaulted and forcibly removed dozens of Muslim worshippers.

Many extremist former and current government ministers and members of Knesset, including Negev and Galilee Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf, from the extreme Otzma Yehudit party, accompanied the colonizers in the invasion.

Media sources said the soldiers invaded the Al-Qibli Mosque in the Al-Aqsa compound before assaulting many worshipers, including women.

They added that the soldiers dragged many worshipers from Al-Qibli Mosque and other parts of the Al-Aqsa compound to empty it before allowing the fanatic colonizers, headed by extremist Member of Knesset, MP Yehuda Glick, to conduct their provocative tours carrying Israeli flags.

The Israeli army and the police also pushed hundreds of soldiers and officers into the Old City and all areas surrounding Al-Aqsa to prevent the Palestinians from entering it ahead of the provocative march, planned by thousands of extremists, who intend not to only march in Jerusalem carrying Israeli flags but march in Al-Aqsa calling for its demolition to “rebuild the temple.”

Various Palestinian officials in occupied Palestinian warned of the consequences of this serious violation, especially the planned “Israeli flags processions,” especially in Al-Aqsa, while armed resistance factions in Gaza said the violation could lead to a serious escalation.

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