Israeli Troops… Seize Palestinian Property

06:00 Apr 16 2023 al-Jalamah military checkpoint (جلمه), Beit Awwa (بيت عوّا), Masafer Yatta (مسافر يطا), and Jericho (أريحا יריחו)

by IMEMC News
April 16, 2023

The Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers continued on Sunday, their aggression against the Palestinian people and their property, as the Israeli occupation forces abducted 23 citizens from the West Bank, and seized a vehicle near Jenin, while the settlers leveled land and stole a tent in Hebron.

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In addition to the abductions, Israeli troops also targeted Palestinian land and property during their Sunday invasions of Palestinian land.

The Israeli occupation forces seized a vehicle near the Al-Jalama military checkpoint, northeast of Jenin.

Security sources told Wafa news agency that the occupation forces seized a vehicle after storming a vehicle compound in Al-Jalama, and transported the vehicle to their base inside the checkpoint .

Israeli paramilitary settlers leveled land near the town of Beit Awa, west of Hebron, in preparation for seizing it, while others stole a tent in Masafer Yatta.

Local sources said that a number of settlers stormed land in the Wadi Kharsa area in the town of Beit Awa, belonging to a farmer from the Al-Sweiti family, and bulldozed it in preparation for seizing it.

In this context, a number of settlers seized a tent belonging to Ali Hamamdeh in the Ma’in area of ​​Masafer Yatta.

On Sunday evening, the Israeli occupation forces impeded the movement and exit of citizens from the city of Jericho, after setting up a checkpoint at its southern entrance.

Local sources in Jericho told Wafa news agency that the occupation forces set up a military checkpoint at the southern entrance to the city, and stopped and searched a number of vehicles, which caused disruption to the movement of citizens’ vehicles and public vehicles, especially towards those leaving the city.

Israeli forces reported seizing a Palestinian vehicle 4/16/2023
Israeli settlers reported leveling Palestinians land 4/16/2023
Israeli settlers reported stealing tent belonging to Ali Hamamdeh 4/16/2023
Israeli forces set up military checkpoint at city's southern entrance 4/16/2023
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